How to forgive your ex for dumping you ?

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Today we are going to discuss about how to forgive your ex for dumping you. Forgiveness seems to be very hard and painful, but by the end of this article, it will become easy for us. Forgiveness helps you overcome hatred and heal your pain. Forgiveness helps in bringing peace to our mind.

A happy family is the beauty and victorious sign of any country. Family makes the society happy and overall a nation. So to make a happy country, one has to start from the smallest unit of nation i.e. family. The root for happy family is healthy relations.

When one person comes in contact with other, they make some relations between them. Relationships can change one’s life; it can make it heaven as well as the hell. So, one should be very careful while making a relationship.

Relationships are made to make life more joyful and pleasant. Love and compassion makes the relationships stronger. There should be a proper understanding between you and your partner. The relationship works well when both the partner has strong faith in each other.

They should care one another’s happiness. They should not leave each other in their hard times. Troubles are temporary but a strong believe in partner will strengthen your relationship. But when we choose the wrong person in our life, it becomes a curse for ourselves.

It makes a hell for us. It creates more tension and troubles for us. Such relationships will ruin one’s life. Some pains can hurt you for a long time and it’s even painful to heal such pain. And if you have been a victim of such relations you should feel to be better living alone.

If such people may dump you, it will be better for you. Cut yourself from wrong people and relationships. Do not feel regret for such people. Forgive such people for keeping your mind stress-free and move on. Forgiving such people is difficult.

Your mind will not allow you to forgive such person. But not forgiving will make you live continually with that pain. It entraps you in its hurtful cage. Forgive them for yourself. They may or may not be affected by your forgiveness but you will be definitely affected.

An end of a relationship is not the end of life. Life is very mysterious and everyone has some unique specifications. People have to identify their talent and work on it. Hardships help in making one’s personality stronger.

Everyone has the right to choose a partner of their choice. No one can force them to do so. Sometimes whom you may like may not like you back, and you feel depressed in such conditions. Life is full of lustful fantasies, but the more you get indulged in it, the more it brings pain to you.

So control your thoughts and feel contented with what you have.  Never try to imitate others rather work on your self-growth. Your partner may have some reason for dumping you. You cannot change your partner’s thoughts.

Rather you can improve yourself and become a better person than before. Every painful act not meant to hurt sometimes painful experiences build the root for some eternal pleasure for oneself. Forgiving and leaving your ex will give relieve to you, your heart will recover soon.

If she/he has dumped you, do not get depressed for that. Rather feel happy because you are out of a fake relationship. If your relationship will be continue for the sake of temporary happiness, there will be no love between each other.

A forceful relationship is similar to crime, so make them free and by forgiving. You keep respect and friendship between yourself and your partner. True love is based on independence; leave them independent so that they feel happy.

And you should also move on and get back on the track. If you want a healthy love relationship in future you have to remove the feelings of hatred and resentments of your past experiences, it will help you in future relationships.

Every relationship is not bad; you may have experienced some bad consequences of relationships, but keep patience for the right partner who can bring positive change to your life. Remember, you cannot please everyone; you will hurt yourself even if you try to do that.

Give prior to yourself; you are the master of your life. Make yourself a good personality such that, others actions or reactions do not affect you. If someone disturbs your mental peace by hurting you or by betraying you, again try to gain your mental peace.

A peaceful mind is a happy mind. Do not give up for your ex who had dumped you. Rather focus more on your goals in life and your happiness. You are responsible for your being happy or sad, not that girl who dumped you. It’s all depends on your mental state.

We can’t get love by force. Love is an independent emotion. If someone dumb you, forgive them and leave them. There is no benefit in arguing with them for nonsense reasons. They’d not care for your feelings.

You have to take care of yourself and have to control your emotions. It is hard to accept love failures, but without accepting the reality one cannot grow in life. One has to drink this poison for making them strong.

Our failures always bring some hidden surprises for us, and it realizes after we overcome that trouble. When we think of trouble in our past, we always come up with some good cause behind that struggle and that were the hidden surprises for us. Believe in yourself and keep going in life.

Is it possible to forgive your ex? How?

No any troubles is going to stay for permanent. With time, we get the solutions to every problem. But all happens with a positive action of forgiveness. If you do not forgive people, hatred will dwell in your mind and it affects your growth.

You will miss many opportunities to bring happiness in your life. Forgiveness is the process of cure for any mental wounds. Patience is also important because forgiveness is a gradual process. The more you focus on your growth; forgiveness will become easier for you.

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There is no need to feel sad for your ex or other people who had dumped on you. What matters is your reactions to their act. If you do keep your mental stability maintained, you will be lesser affected by anyone wronged action against you.

Free yourself by removing all hatred and bad emotions for people. Or else they will keep bringing miseries and pain to you. Heal yourself by acquiring the quality of forgiveness. Every great personalities of the world have praised the act of forgiveness and they also appreciate it.

Forgiveness is the divine quality and by acquiring it, your life will become full with godly happiness and pleasure. Do not engage your mind in illusory pleasure of this materialistic world. Work on controlling your mental thoughts and emotions.

Do not get too attached to people in your life because attachment becomes the reason of your pain and sorrows or learn to normalize your emotions in such circumstances. People who care for you or love you truly will never try to hurt you.

But also sometimes the learning process itself seems troublesome or painful; we cannot blame others for that. We can live our life in the way we want, only if we have a firm control on our thoughts and emotions.

Many people will come and go in your life; you have to be very careful in choosing people or allowing them to be a part of your life. And you should also keep in mind that they are just a part of your life and if they leave you, you have to keep care of yourself and do not have to give up ever in life.

Life does not go as our plans, but it’s very joyful only for people who are brave and courageous. When you keep your mind positive and engage yourself in some positive work, your life starts transforming gradually. And with consistence, devotion, and perseverance, you will reach to the endpoint of your goal.

How do I deal with my anger towards my ex?

Anger comes with lust, when people become greedy for lusty things, anger dwells in their mind. Anger is the greatest enemy of oneself. Even it feels for others, but it harms our self indirectly. It is a poisonous emotion.

One should have to learn to fight with it. Learn to overcome it, or avoid it from one’s life. If you feel angry for some people, it can ruin your relationship with that person. Anger is the burning desire, which can be controlled with a calm mind.

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Our mind is the greatest weapon of ours. Anger can burn all the positive thoughts and emotions in our mind. To control anger, one has to understand its consequences in one’s life. It affects one’s health also.

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Anger expression can take on many more styles than passive or aggressive. Ephrem Fernandez has identified six dimensions of anger expression. They relate to the direction of anger, its locus, reaction, modality, impulsivity, and objective.

Coordinates on each of these dimensions can be connected to generate a profile of a person’s anger expression style. Among the many profiles that are theoretically possible in this system, are the familiar profile of the person with explosive anger, profile of the person with repressive anger, profile of the passive aggressive person, and the profile of constructive anger expression.[ Wikipedia ]

Should I forgive my ex for leaving me?

Yes, definitely. You may feel offensive to me with my answer of forgiving your ex for dumping you. But one should always remember that forgiveness is not for others, it’s for our own benefit. And by not forgiving, your enemy, they will be benefitted indirectly.

And I never want you to degrade yourself, your thoughts and emotions should have to be your powerful weapon not a reason for your pain and miseries. Purify your mind and feed it with positive thoughts and emotions.

One lives his life according to his mental thoughts and emotions. Forgive your ex and move ahead in life. There is many more pleasant things are awaiting you. Do not stuck yourself in negative feelings. It will ruin your life and your peace of mind.

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Everyone has different perspective for life and everyone live life in their own way. There is no any need to imitate people, who are living life joyfully. Joy and trouble are the temporary things in life, they come and go like summer and winter seasons.

Learn to keep your thoughts neutral towards these worldly illusory things also when you live a life, do not feel so pride, and keep control on yourself. Life becomes beautiful when you have a control on yourself.

Do not allow people to control or disturb your mind’s stability. Making relationships with people is good, but one has to also be ready for its consequences later. Good relationships can make your life heaven, as well as a bad relationship, can make it hell also.

Can you forgive your ex for cheating?

Cheating, betrayal, hurt, etc. are the parts of one’s life. If you become a victim of these negative thoughts you will miss the eternal joy of your life. Life brings many unexpected things to us. It not always works as our plans; there is the supreme planner, who is controlling the cosmos.

And we have to accept all his giving. If people cheat you, forgive them. God says if you want forgiveness for your sins, do forgive others also. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Learn the lesson one’s life wants to teach you from such bad experiences and move forward in life.

Work for self-improvement. We have full control to choose the good and bad things. Forgiveness is a divine quality and everyone should have to acquire it. Remove hatred from your heart and remember: To err is human: to forgive is divine. And we have to acquire the divine quality.


We have talked about forgiveness in many of our articles; you should read them to understand forgiveness in a better way. By hurting others, you can’t make yourself happy. Obviously, what you will give to others will definitely come to you.

By doing negative acts, you cannot expect positive results. Accept your failures and learn from them. And do not try to repeat them in future. Your struggles in life build your character.

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