How To Forgive Yourself For Past Failures ?

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Today we are going to discuss about how to forgive yourself for past failure. Forgiveness seems to be very hard and painful, but by the end of this article, it will become easy for us. everyone fails in life and without forgiving their mistakes they cannot learn from it and move ahead in life.

Do you love yourself? Do you have grudges against yourself in your heart? are you happy with your life? if not. What is the reason? Lets us discuss this in detail…

Let’s analyze your whole life today. All your experiences that had made you come this far in life. The struggle of your life. All the negative and positive parts. Humans are the best creatures of God. He has the power to think, feel and grow in life.

The proper use of our eternal powers will make our life beautiful and blissful. But the material creation of this world makes us illusioned and we get entrapped in their unreal engagements. Material propensities are temporary and so all its engagements too.

But these illusions are so strong that every person on earth gets indulged in them. But over time when we raise our intelligence by analyzing its eternal power and the nature of materialistic illusions, he becomes focused in his life and starts engaging himself in the real purpose of life.

Forgive Yourself For Past Failures

Every person on earth has to live with all these materialistic things but maintain a proper balance between the good and bad things. Humans do mistakes in life by getting driven by external illusory energy, but humans are pure souls internally. Humans face misery in their life when he loses his purpose of life and gets attracted towards the temporary enjoyments.

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One may have done many mistakes in the past and facing its consequences till now. And due to such past mistakes, one always feels envious and depressed. But what do you think that your past mistakes have spoiled your life?


This doesn’t happen in life. Mistakes are part of our life. And one has to understand it, the real purpose of mistakes is to make us know our faults and improve in future so that your future gets better than before.

But if you keep the grudges against you, you will make them more troublesome than they actually are. You increase your trouble by keeping it in your heart for always. This is not a good thing to continue in life. It should be ended in the beginning.

Do not hate yourself for your mistakes. Look at your mistakes or failures as a learning purpose. Mistakes teach a person in the best way. And every person has to suffer the consequences of their mistakes.

But never allow them to depress you. Forgive and move on in life. Keep the lesson you get from your mistakes a work further. In the future there are more trouble may be awaiting you and all will be defeated when you keep a learning attitude in life. Do not hate yourself for your mistakes or failures in life. because of that mistakes you have improved, and come this far in life.

Never lose your confidence and feel ashamed when someone criticizes you for your past failures. What matters for you is that how much you have improved. If you are working hard to improve your mistakes then you will definitely overcome all that evil criticism.

People will criticize you every time you fail, make a habit of ignoring them. Do not keep hatred for such people, rather forgive them and move ahead in life. Forgiveness is a weapon to you which will help you fight your inner conflicts and brings peace of mind.

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Do not think about revenge to satisfy your anger. Forgiveness is the best revenge and if you think to hurt them back, it will be more painful to you. Forgiveness releases all the negative thoughts such as envy, hatred and jealousy from your mind.

It will help one to bear the pain and learn from it. Everyone wants to live comfortably in their life and if someone creates troubles in their life. They get angry over them and lose their peace of mind. But a person who wants a happy and prosperous life will choose forgiveness over revenge.

Sometimes life brings many unpredictable troubles to us and then if we do not understand the reality we will become depressed. When life will hurt you, there will be no one to blame.

Humans have no power to get back into their neither past nor can they interfere with their future. We can only live in present and can do whatever we want to do with it. If you want happiness to learn to live your present with the happiness you cannot save the happiness for your future.

So never let the incidents of the past hurt you in your present. Keep your mind in the present and do the best of yourself and enjoy. We can only plan for our better future but it may or may not work according to our plan. So be ready to face challenges in life.

And to fight with future conflicts we have to be strong and for them, we have to keep our mind in full control. Never allow hurt to weak our mind.

Your life is totally yours no one can interfere in it without your concern. You have to take care of your good and bad things. Positive thoughts and emotions elevate you to a higher level of consciousness and negative thoughts and emotions will degrade you and bring about misery in your life.forgive people

When you hate someone you lose control over your mind and your anger increases in this way. But when you take control over it, you will choose to forgive and develop compassion for others. Every person is unique on the earth and their thoughts are also different. So there are chances of conflicts between them. And forgiveness is the solution to every conflict.

If you want to remove your past grudges you should forgive yourself and love yourself. Mistakes and failures are not bad things to avoid rather one should keep a learning attitude towards them. Do not feel guilt for your past mistakes.

They will only give you distress and nothing more. Focus on your present and do better in it, to make your future better. Never hate yourself; it is the biggest sin of your life. Forgiveness and love for yourself will make you more progress in life.

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