How to forgive yourself for loving the wrong person ?

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Today we are going to discuss about forgiveness and its different aspects. Everyone wants forgiveness for their mistakes, but a very few think to forgive others. Forgiveness is necessary to live life happily and it purify one’s thoughts and emotions.

Human beings have to love each other. All are eternally same; the only difference is due to materialistic body. As long as the materialistic body exists one has to suffer its effects. When we become detached from such false materialistic illusions our pain and trouble in life gets reduced.

Mistakes are the parts of our life. No one is completely perfect. Even a master in any particular field can make mistake. There is always a chance of accident even on the royal road. Similarly there is always a chance of mistake in our life.

But getting stuck with the mistake and not accepting its consequences will delay your progress in life. It will even degrade you to the lower points. If you have done similar mistakes in life and suffering its consequences for a longer time. It will be difficult for you to overcome those emotions.

Without forgiving yourself, you can’t attain mental peace. Firstly you should forgive yourself for your mistakes than forgive others. Mind is flickering in nature and it always wants to enjoy the sensory enjoyment, but such temporary enjoyments can bring misery to your life.

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So avoid such pleasures and attain the eternal peace. Only a peaceful mind can enjoy the happiness. If you have been failed in your life forgive yourself. There is always a chance for improvement. Even a late beginner can become an ideal human being.

When one engages one’s mind in superior things he ignores the minor offenses in life. If you have loved the wrong person in life and feeling regret for it. Do not feel so depressed about it. Accept your mistake and take some time so that your mind can also realize it and accept it.

There is not your fault in loving the wrong person, or if there is any, forget that and move on. Moving on is the only solution for overcome heart breaks and love failures.

It is natural making mistakes in life; mistakes help us grow in life, if one keeps a learning perspective towards mistakes. If you are suffering the bad consequences of your wrong decisions of loving a wrong person, keep patience in your heart and forgive yourself.

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Do not feel like lost everything by loving a wrong person. Whether think in the positive way like, you have lost someone who doesn’t love you. But they have lost someone who loved them the most. If your intentions were right for your partner, there will definitely something pleasant God has planned for you. Keep patience and just let the time passes.

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By forgiving yourself, you start healing your pain, and it’s not an immediate actions, it will help you gradually overcome it. No one knows what is going to come in future, so we only have the present moment to live. Do not ruin your present by thinking about the past or future.

Whether if you want a better future, you must work hard in the way to make your life joyful in nature. But still you have to be prepared for unexpected surprises in life. So because of this, we have to do things to improve our present. World is changing and so does the people.

Also the person you loved will change in future. There is no sense of keeping the hatred for yourself, for loving the wrong person.

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Love is the ultimate sense of joy. It gives us enormous joy if it is true and unconditional. It also gets affected by worldly association but still it remains pure. If you have made mistake in selecting the right partner for your love life, do not think it as the end.

Do not make your partner to stay in your life forcefully. Make them free by leaving them and make yourself free by forgiving them. It will take some time to heal your pain, but without forgiveness your mind won’t heal it. Forgiveness is the divine quality and one has to acquire it.

Forgive yourself and give a chance to correct your mistakes. Human learn from mistakes and improve it. Do not think to hurt back your partner rather forgive them. Life has many unpredicted surprises for us; do ready to face them with a brave heart.

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True love will definitely come to you. The people who make you cry do not love you truly. And one who loves you truly will not make you cry. Love is an independent feeling and one has to behave very politely with their partners.


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