How To Forgive Yourself For Gambling ?

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Today we are going to discuss about forgiveness and its different aspects. Forgiveness seems to be very hard and painful, but by the end of this article, it will become easy for us. You will know how forgiveness can free us from anger.

How do you regain trust after gambling? How do you get your mind off gambling? Can a gambler be cured? How to forgive and heal yourself for gambling? Let us discuss this in detail…

Life is good when there is a balance between all the necessary things in life. Excess of anything causes harm to us. Gambling is considered as negative trait in human society. And if you do excess gambling, it’s bad for you.

Its addiction is harmful to you, and your family, friends, and other people. It will make you disconnect from the society. It deludes our mind drastically that we don’t even distinguish between right and wrong things. We forget all the relationships and gambling becomes our life.

But in reality, it usually deteriorates our life. It is making our life worse, and in our ignorance, we are accepting that. Even we ourself are making our life as hell.

The whole process of gambling starts with fantasies and ends making our life hell. It is poison for our relationships and for ourself. It deludes our intelligence and morality. It works as a silent poison and will lead you to hellish conditions.

A gambler does not realize his losses or even if he realizes, ignores it. Doing gambling gives him pleasure. He thinks it to be the right thing. For him, it becomes a source of income and pleasure. It’s a very unpredicted thing to get involved in it.

You will be very regretful when you will lose all your money, relationships, friends and family. Your habit of gambling will isolate you morally from your family and friends. Do not think if others are getting profit in it, you will also get, even who is winning is also going to lose sometimes.


It is not a source of white income. It is crime in many countries in which you harm yourself, and people connected to you. It spreads negativity in the society. The feelings of regret will make you depress for your whole life until you muster enough courage to forgive yourself.

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And it is very difficult to forgive when you have done the crime intentionally, but in addiction. Developing love for yourself again will be very difficult. When your mind is filled with all the negativity and unethical thoughts, you will become a victim of it. And you have to suffer until your mind starts recovering from such thoughts.

Forgive Yourself For Gambling

Gambling will seem a very pleasant, easy money-making scheme but in reality, it’s very troublesome work. It will left you empty pocket in society. And along with it, it will make your thoughts as demoniac.

Do not get entrapped by people who tell the joyous stories of gambling and making money, they just want you to become a part of it. There are no friends in gambling, no one will be happy with your win, and no one will be sad when you lose.

But they will be happier with your loss. It encourages dishonesty and lies in society. Gambling makes you alone in society. It turns all the good habits into demoniac qualities. It makes you ignorant of reality. It makes a person weak over time and disturbed. Gambling is similar to intoxication; its addiction will ruin one’s life.

You have to decide to quit gambling. To overcome addiction it needs enough courage and determination. But courage and determination are the divine qualities; a demoniac person will not have such qualities.

But a human being is eternally a divine personality. It has deluded itself by coming in contact with such false illusory energies. When a person chooses a path of positivity, the process of liberation from all the false negative qualities starts.

It will make you taking money from people for gambling and you will be in extra debt. You will lose all the sources of incoming money. Even your family is struggling and disturbed by your gambling. Still you borrow money for gambling, it left you with no feeling of love and affection for your family.

It will make you greedy and tricky. People will not believe you after they will be known for your addiction to gambling.

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When everything will be lost in your life and you will realize your mistake, there would be no one to console your heart. People will behave rudely to you; they will feel uncomfortable connecting with you. You will wander here and thereafter losing your all money.

Time would come when you may have to beg for your food. But, when a person truly realizes his mistakes and regrets them, his heart will start purifying. And it will take time to get you back again on the track of a happy and good life. You can’t heal your wound immediately.

You have to practice forgiveness for a long time to heal and bring peace to your mind. You have to replace your thought of aversion with love and forgiveness. Firstly you have to forgive yourself then you would gain the courage to ask for forgiveness from people.

Hope to win greed

Gambling makes a person greedy, people always think to acquire more and more. His heart will never feel contented. It will make you arrogant and rude to others. When you lose in gambling, you think to get your money back and so you continue to gamble.

forgiveness for gambling

But unless you decide to move on by accepting your loss, you will not forgive yourself. Gambling to regain your loss may make you further lose. Letting go of your loss and forgiving yourself is the only way to move on in your own life. Gambling to gain your loss and to win more will make you more addicted to it and anything you feed, grow up in life.


Every mistake is forgivable, but you cannot protect yourself from its consequences everytime. Do not keep hatred and regret yourself. Gambling is a serious issue. Give yourself proper time to change this bad habit.

Without forgiving yourself, it would be difficult for you to accept yourself. Accept your mistakes and try to improve it. If you really feel to improve it, you can again gain people’s trust on you.

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