How to forgive someone who ruined your life ?

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Today we are going to discuss about how to forgive someone who has ruined their life. Forgiveness seems to be very hard and painful, but by the end of this article, it will become easy for us. Forgiveness helps you overcome hatred and heal your pain.

Do you have enough courage to forgive someone who has ruined your life? is it would be the right decision for you? if yes. How to forgive someone who ruined your life? let’s discuss in detail…

Before we know the ways to forgive someone who ruined your life, let’s first discuss the dualities of human life and how it affects one’s life. The materialistic world is full of illusory energy. And the pleasure or pain created by the materialistic illusion is temporary.

In everyone’s life pain and pleasure comes. It’s the nature of human life. It benefits a person in his growth, but sometimes it becomes a curse for him. We cannot stop the upcoming of pain or misery and also the pleasure is also unpredictable.

We do not have control over the future. But we can prepare ourself of future. We can develop the real knowledge about which is necessary or not for us. While living in this world we have to associate with all the worldly things. But becoming too much attached with that can become harmful for us.

All human beings are eternally same; the only difference is in their intelligence level. But when one comes in material world, his eternal self gets illuminated by the false illusory energy. One who becomes too much attached to the temporary achievements of this world brings about misery for him.

Now let’s connect our topic about which we were discussing above. We live in the society with so many people of different cultures or behaviour. Some may be kind and honest while others may be tricky and dishonest.

How to forgive someone who has ruined your life ?

We can’t change others, so we will only discuss about ourselves. We are the master of our life and so we are responsible for the pain and misery in our life.

No one is perfect. Everyone is practicing to make themselves better. And here hurt, failures and mistakes come to light. These are like the pebbles and stones of the path to success. Do not get affected by them. Keep your mind aloof from such silly thoughts and emotions.

Do not allow hatred or envy to enter your mind. Replace all such negative thoughts with love, compassion and honesty. Not everyone is good in nature, some may be jealous of you; they will hurt you to make you sad. But as I discussed every pain is temporary in our life.

So it’s necessary to keep yourself aloof. Bear the pain when someone hurts you, do not keep hatred in your heart. Forgive the person and work for your goal. The quality of forgiveness is divine and God wants us to live happily and peacefully. He has given us the eternal source of bliss, but one has to make their mind trained to achieve that blissful state.

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If someone has given you great pain and if you think your life has been ruined, it will bring extreme pain to you. You will lose your mental stability and control over it. Mental stress makes oneself depress without any reason. It happens due to our mind’s flickering nature.

If you do not regulate the flickering of mind towards your goal, it will degrade you and make your life like hell. It is very difficult to forgive someone who has ruined your life. But if you want to again restart your life and bring back your mental peace and happiness, you have to move on in life from this illusory negative energy.

Again focus your mind on your goal. And this can happen only when one removes hatred and envy from your mind.

No one can ruin your life by hurting you mentally. Because we are responsible for the thoughts and believes of our mind. If our mind is strong and positive, failures or hurt are not more effective. I have already discussed worldly suffering in human life.

How to forgive someone who ruined your life quote

To forgive someone who has made your life disastrous, you must have a strong feeling of self-love. If you love yourself, you will give yourself inner courage and confidence to regain your happiness. Identify your true self and your potential, it will help to recover from pain.

It has been seen in many cases that the struggle of one’s life is the reason for their success. The real potential of anyone can be realized in painful experiences of life. They make a person mentally strong and calm.

Sometimes we fail in life and sometimes people make obstacles in our path to success, but these are natural. Every successful person has to face failure and troubles in their life. Learn and grow should be the golden rule for one’s life.

When your mind becomes strong to ignore all the false emotions and thoughts. Your pace towards success will be increased. Do not keep the heavyweight of hate and envy in your heart. Forgive those who have tried to ruin your life, but your determination will never make you give up in life. Take some time to heal your pain, but never take the negative decisions.

There is an analogy to understand the nature of mind. All the rivers in the world wave around the world, but in the end, they met in the ocean, but the level of the ocean always stay normal, it does not get overflowed.

Rather in the season of rain, the level of water in the rivers increased. But still, the level of water in the ocean remains still. It shows the behavior of our mind. One has to make their mind as an ocean, no matter how many thoughts positive or negative enter your mind, you have to keep it stable.

But it requires a lot of practice to have firm control over our mind. Make your mind positive to think positive. Because in the success of one life, thoughts play the most important role. What one thinks and how he thinks, influence it success.

While never allow negativity in your mind. Forgive and leave the person who has ruined your life. Over time, you will be again gain all the happiness and peace, all you need is strong determination and willpower to hard work.


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