How Can Forgiveness Free Us From Anger ?

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Today we are going to discuss about forgiveness and its different aspects. Forgiveness seems to be very hard and painful, but by the end of this article, it will become easy for us. You will know how forgiveness can free us from anger.

Do you think it’s happen? How can forgiveness free us from anger? How do we become free from anger and bitterness when we forgive? How do you forgive and let go of anger? How does forgiveness set you free? How do you forgive yourself for anger? Let us discuss this in detail…

It seems a very untruthful statement. But it happens; forgiveness makes us free from anger and resentment. It give relieve to our pain. Forgiveness is the healing process of the wound. It releases us from anger and hatred.

It is the process of removing the grudges and hatred from our heart and replaces it with love and compassion. Forgiving someone is difficult when they have wronged us, but also it’s very necessary.

You will feel the pain by recapping it until you forgive. Forgiveness is the starting of relieve and it’s a gradual process. It will bring peace and harmony to your life.

Anger will not allow you to forgive others because of whom you are suffering, it will make you think about the revenge and hurting them back. But is it the right solution to relive your pain? Absolutely, not. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

This thought will make our life more miserable and painful. The better solution to heal your hurt and bring peace is to forgive the mistakes of others. We have to give chance to others. No one is perfect here. Everyone learns in life and grows and mistakes are the parts of learning. By forgiving we precede a step ahead in our life. Forgiveness comes when your thoughts are pure and stable.

Many of our thoughts and feelings make us depress about which we are not even aware. These thoughts show their impacts in the long way of life. It will develop our personality based on that thoughts and feelings.

And any mistake is easy to correct if we become aware of it, in the beginning. So analyse your thoughts and its effects in your life. If they are helpful for your growth continue it.  But if any thought is creating negativity in your mind remove it.

Anger, resentment, hate are the negative thoughts which cause us harm in our life. Love, forgiveness and compassion are the godly qualities and this will bring peace and harmony to us.

How do you forgive and let go of anger?

Anger makes us forget all the good and positive qualities about others, it only show us its negative part. Anger forgets the relationships, it forget the age factor; it becomes a curse to happy life. If it is not controlled at right time it will burn up all the positive thoughts of your mind and make you a demoniac person.


When a person chooses to forgive their offenders, he makes his mind more stable by relaxing the anger. The anger will be no more effective, when you choose to forgive. It will start turning your mind towards positives and optimistic solutions.

Forgiveness associates with love, truthfulness, compassion, honesty etc. it adds more value to our life. What feels hard in the beginning will bring harmony to you. Always practice to control your ever wondering thoughts and bring them back from wherever they go.

It is very difficult to control one’s mind, but with enough patience and courage, it will be acquired. When you have a firm control on your mind then it becomes easy to control your anger. Reducing anger reduces negative emotions in our heart and clears our mind.

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Look into the life of great personalities and examine their qualities, you will see that they love themselves and do not get envy by others’ criticism and abuses. They had always chosen the path of forgiveness to stay calm and focused. Forgiveness enhances your rate of growth.

How does forgiveness set you free?

Forgiveness comes when your mind is calm and able to decide the right and wrong. Forgiveness is difficult and one has to practice it whether anger is very negative and feels right to us, and it agitates us.

But when you get relax you will realize that your anger has only made the trouble more complex. Anger and revenge is not the solution for any problem. Forgiveness is the best revenge and one has to accept it.

When one chooses to forgive his/her offender he takes decision to remove hatred for him/her. You will not think of taking revenge against them. One accepts its loss and pain and decides to move on in life. And forgiveness supports one to move on in life.

One chooses forgiveness to reduce their trouble on the path of growth and success. One keeps always optimistic opinions in his/her life. Everyone likes to make friendship with such people. It will enhance your personal growth and inner power. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, and the more you forgive other, you become stronger

Forgiveness does not come automatically to oneself. It comes when one feel or strives to acquire it, it is a hard step to heal the pain so most people ignore it and take the negative step which makes them more hurtful.

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There are many senseless crimes in our life that may disturb our mental stability, but when you forgive those small nuisances in your life, you will feel more focused towards your goal and life. When one thinks to forgive others, a feeling of empathy dwells in his mind and his anger gets relaxed.

He became calm and forced in his work, the anger will not be more affected. Forgiveness is something that makes you a loving person. People connect with those who are very simple and humble in attitude, they love to make friendship with them.

All humans are the same; they all are full of unlimited potential to reach their goal. No one is perfect they only become better than before. Do not ignore the good qualities of any person when you feel angry for them.Anger will not make you blind to just satisfy the anger, but that will bring the worst outcome to you, for which you may be a regret forever in life.

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Forgiveness is for oneself, not for others. Others may also be benefited by this, but you will enjoy more than others its consequences in life.

Forgiveness will help to overcome past grudges for someone and dwells love again for them. It makes one realize the true meaning of human life.

In our holy books, it is said that forgiveness is the divine qualities and one has to acquire it for enjoying the real bliss in life. A demoniac person will choose to avenge their loss and do not forgive their offender. He chooses the temporary solution for the problem, but in reality, it’s not the solution.

Instead it adds up to your hurt and you will realize it later. People think revenge shows that we are a strong person physically or mentally and we consider him/her weak who forgive others. But in reality, the latter is the sign of strength and beneficial for him/her and it will bring more fruitful results in the future. And taking revenge may seem a victorious sign, but it’s one biggest mistakes in life.

Revenge not only makes your relationship bad with the offender also it creates a negative opinion about yourself in other people. People will criticize you for your sinful act. Everyone does mistakes in life, and we can’t take revenge from everyone.

And we also make mistakes in life. Think for a moment if others will not forgive you for your mistakes. How it will feel to you? if you do not forgive others for their mistakes you will lose good friends. And people will take advantage of your aggressive behaviour.

What you think not forgiving someone benefits you in any way or it is affecting the other? Not forgiving others is not beneficial for anyone. And it is more hurtful to you, if you keep the grudges in your heart.

importance of forgiveness

It is like carrying a heavy load on your heart but it is of no use. It may seem satisfying your ego or respect or whatever you think, but it not. It is not lowering your speed to go on the path of harmony. Forgiveness is the eternal road to harmony, but to attain it, one have to practice a lot.

When one wants happiness in life he will never allow hatred to enter in his/her mind. Hatred will always keep your mind disturbed, and you will feel difficult to take any decision. It changes your perspective about people around you.

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It shifts you from a happy life to a hellish world. But it happen due to our ignorance, when we give gets attached to lusty things in the materialistic world. We will start losing our true eternal self and become degraded in life.

Make your mind-set positive and creative. Creativity may seem strange adding here. But put your mind in any creative work will help removing the negativity in mind. Creativity helps in knowing oneself and giving their life a new shape. It enhances your personality and gives you peace.

Small habits bring the big change in life. Do not ignore small mistakes in life also do not get envious of small mistakes. It is the process of learning and growth. Without doing mistakes growth happens very slowly.

One who makes a lot of mistakes, his possibility to higher growth is also high. If one keeps a learning attitude towards life, no any obstacle can stop you to reach your goal. Forgiveness is a gradual process but the decision to forgive is the most crucial part. The first step is always the hardest.

Forgiveness will free you when you allow your mind. Forgiveness will change your perspective about any person from negative to positive. It’s hard to accept the pain and forgive. But not forgiving others will make the pain lasting till you keep it in your mind.

When you forgive yourself, you accept the mistakes and accept the pain caused by it. Anger will never give you the solution, solution lies in forgiveness. There is every chance of making mistakes by people and if we do not learn to tackle with all the troubles in life peacefully, we will destroy our life.

We will lose the peace of life. We are the master of our life, and for all the joy and misery in life, we are responsible. Others can’t make us depress if we have a firm control on our mind.

The feelings of hate and jealousy make our life miserable. It’s important to balance your inner thoughts and emotions i.e. negative and positive to live a happy life. It’s totally in your control to replace all the negative thoughts and emotions such as hatred, jealousy, and envy with love, compassion and harmony.

But the process of healing the pain takes some time but it will make you realize the real essence of love and harmony. It will recognize you with your real self, who is full of unlimited bliss. The real self is pure and blissful but when coming in contact with the lustful propensities of the materialistic world, it gets polluted.

But in material world, nothing is permanent so as the hurt and painful experience. They will also be cured with time and again you will enjoy the beauty of world. Develop the feeling of detachment towards materialistic things to avoid unnecessary nuisances in life.

One who gets happy with success in life and gets depressed with failure will also live with fear and doubts in his mind. Learn to stay neutral towards the dualities of the world. It makes one fearless about the results of his actions and be more focused towards his real happiness.

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