Forgiveness – To Forgive Is To Set A Prisoner Free

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Today we are going to discuss about forgiveness and its different aspects. Forgiveness seems to be very hard and painful, but by the end of this article, it will become easy for us.

Forgiveness has different meanings in different aspects. Forgiveness has a significant impact on our life. It has to come from one’s heart. It is a pure and divine feeling. Forgiveness means accepting the hurt no matter how painful it is, and still do not feel hatred for the offender. It means, you do not hurt them back and do bad to them.

Is forgiveness always right? What is the importance of forgiveness? How do you truly forgive someone? What does God say about forgiveness? Let us discuss in details…

Forgiveness means you do not allow your anger to overcome your true Godly intelligence. It is the best way to lower the level of external disturbances in our life. Forgiveness does not allow polluting your thoughts and emotions. It helps in bringing peace to our mind.

Forgiveness is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and actions. It acts as a restriction for the negativity. Forgiveness is a gradual process. It shows one’s attitude towards life. It makes oneself mentally strong. Forgiveness affects one’s mental behavior a lot. It shows its weaknesses and strengths.

Life is full of struggles and hardships. And everyone has a different potential to fight and overcome all the troubles in life. Forgiveness helps you to deal with people’s negative behaviour against you, it helps to calm your mind’s agitation. We also forgive ourselves when we feel bad for our failures or mistakes.

We should not get stuck in any troublesome situation because of our ignorance. Feed your mind with powerful and positive thoughts so that you can fight any trouble bravely. Being sad by any temporary troubles shows one’s heart’s weakness. And his grieve is for something unworthy. Life is a continuous process of learning. And people with courageous heart can live it happily.

To understand the external world first one has to understand your inner self. Explore your inner strengths and your abilities. Knowing about your strengths and abilities makes you a confident person. There is no use of getting disturbed by others. You are the master of your life. Everything that is happening in your life may be pleasant or sad, you are responsible for it.

And only you have the power to overcome all the misery and trouble. Remove the negative and weak thoughts from your heart and stand with a courageous and brave heart. Living with a brave heart will take you to a higher level in life. Make good habits, respect time, and acquire the divine qualities. People may use shortcuts to reach their goals in a short time. It shows their weakness that they are not strong enough to fight the troubles of the way.

But a hardworking person will choose the right path and accept all the hardships of life. These hardships make you a strong personality. Similarly, forgiveness shows your strengths, some people think it might show their weakness. Not hurting your offender never shows your weakness.

Indeed, if you make forgiveness a goal, it remains elusive, like a carrot on a stick; just when you think you’ve got it, it’s out of reach again. But when you focus on self-compassion and develop your core values, forgiveness sneaks up on you. If you realize that you’ve forgiven your betrayer, it will be after the fact (of detachment or full emotional reinvestment), not before.[ Wikipedia ]

It needs enough courage to forgive someone. Also, people who are more inclined towards their goals can forgive. For them there is nothing more important than their goals, for this reason, they choose forgiveness. Forgiveness clears one’s mind and concentrates it towards our goal. What is right and what is wrong, you have to decide.

Do not take any decision being influenced by others’ opinions about life.  Learn and grow by taking lessons from your surroundings, but never try to imitate others. Forgiveness is not easy for everyone it depends on their mental strengths and a little bit of self-confidence.

Some people can easily forgive and move on while others become a victim of troubles and give excuses. If you have a strong belief in your abilities, you can bring change in your life according to your choice. Such a person does not bother of people’s behaviour for them. They forgive their offender and make their hurt ineffective to them.

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In Bhagavad Gita it is said: param drstva nivartate means when you engage your mind in a higher level of consciousness, you will not be distracted by the minor offenses in life. Similarly, when you choose forgiveness in life, you will not be offended by people’s negative acts for you.

You never give others control over your mind. And it’s become your superpower. When you make your mind a friend by consistent practice then it will always make you happy by its intelligence and thoughts. In this materialistic world mind is the center of all the activities.

So it’s necessary to make it a friend. You will actually live your life according to your plans and choices when you have firm control over your mental activities. Otherwise, you will start following the mind’s dictation. Everyone deal with their life trouble according to their strength. Also, everyone does mistakes in life, no one is completely perfect.

God says He will accept us with all our sinful activities in life, in the end. He says just surrender yourself to Him; He is the supreme controller of all the cosmos. God forgives all our sins and accepts us. Forgiving others feel tough because we think of it as some sort of reward to the offender for harming us.

But in the real sense, it is not a reward to the offender. It is the medicine to heal ourselves through forgiving others. By forgiving the offender to get relief from your pain. On the other hand, hating them or hurting the offender will not give you relief from your pain. It may even intensify it.

We need forgiveness in our daily life and if we practice forgiving and tolerate the minor offenses in our life, we will be able to tackle the bigger troubles in life with ease. Forgiveness makes oneself happy. The quality of an ideal person includes love, honesty, forgiveness, and truthfulness, etc.

If you can’t forgive others, you should not expect it from others. Without forgiveness, there would be misery all around. People will live a painful life because of ignorance. So it becomes necessary to understand the importance of forgiveness. Keep your mind calm only then it will work efficiently.

People think to avenge their loss by hurting back the offender. It will not bring you peace of mind. Forgiveness is the best revenge. The path of forgiveness may seem difficult but its consequences will bring fruitive results.

Without forgiving people, you will lose your peace of mind and add more trouble to your life. You become a slave to negative thoughts of your mind. In anger, we forget the distinction between right and wrong, and that which seems to satisfy our anger seems to us right.

But decisions taken in anger will harm you later. When you practice forgiveness in life, your level of anger goes down and you feel more powerful mentally. Forgiveness is the cure to many mental disturbances.

Love yourself and people around you without any condition; it brings a sense of joy to you. Live your life without keeping envy in your heart. The world is changing every moment we pass, so we also have to change ourselves. Keep the positive with yourself and leave the negative into your past.

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One has to move ahead with positive qualities so to achieve more success and bliss. What you give to the world will come to you in return. This materialistic world can bring many unexpected pain to us, but if we will not be strong internally we will become a victim of it.

We have to upgrade ourselves by acquiring good qualities. Learn and grow should be the mantra of our life. And also accept the failures and mistakes, they are not to hurt you, rather they help you improve yourself.

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When you love yourself you will always accept yourself with all good and bad qualities and improve them. Every person is unique so we do not have to copy others. We have to find our real potential and work on it.

Every person is eternally pure but when get influenced by the negative traits, he becomes contaminated. Humans have feelings of attachment towards lust and sensory activities. Also, these are the cause of pain to us. When we chose temporary pleasure over real eternal bliss, we inevitably bring pain to us.

One has to understand the dualities of the world. Nothing is permanent misery or happiness. So we have to stay stable during both and focus on our goals in life. When we do not have a goal, our lives become meaningless. Do not hate the trouble and struggles of life, fight with them with full confidence.

Humans can bring in their life what they think. Our thoughts are very powerful; they can change our life wholly. Do not allow useless or negative thoughts to enter your mind. Negativity will put a limitation on your thoughts. It deludes our self and ruins our life. By replacing the negative thoughts with positive we become free of the shackles of life.

One who works to gain real eternal knowledge becomes transcendentalist to all materialistic things. He always feels pleasure within himself and no worldly pain can disturb him. He keeps love and compassion in his heart for every person on earth.

He never becomes victim to any hurt, he forgives their offender and does not allow hatred to dwell in his heart. He believes in the divinity of Forgiveness.

Indeed, if you make forgiveness a goal, it remains elusive, like a carrot on a stick; just when you think you’ve got it, it’s out of reach again. But when you focus on self-compassion and develop your core values, forgiveness sneaks up on you. If you realize that you’ve forgiven your betrayer, it will be after the fact (of detachment or full emotional reinvestment), not before.[ Wikipedia ]

Forgiveness is a thought, a decision that associates with your mental peace. And making decisions is in your control. Do not take wrong decisions by being influenced by negative people. You have to understand the meaning of right and wrong actions in life.

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Forgiveness is the right weapon to fight the feelings of hatred in our heart. So one should practice forgiving people for he wants to remove hatred and envy from their life. Unless you understand its value, you will live life in ignorance. One cannot live their life without dealing with distress. It is necessary to understand the real meaning of life.

Why is it hard to forgive people?

Forgiveness becomes hard when we lost hope in life for a change. When we are stuck with the pain of hurt, we can’t move on in life. Without accepting the pain you can’t cure it properly. Forgiveness becomes hard when our intelligence become influenced by people’s negative opinion.

When we feel discouraged and depressed, we can’t forgive people. We have to dwell confidence in our self to overcome all petty feelings of the heart and choose to forgive the offender. By choosing to forgive your offender, you allow to heal your pain.

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The healing process is relieving, but the decision to heal is hard. Our anger does not allow us to leave the offender without hurting them back. We think we should make them realize how badly we are suffering by his act of hurt.

So our burning feelings of anger keep agitating us for taking revenge for hurt. But taking revenge will be like, stopping the fire by a constant supply of oxygen, it is a foolish act. Whether forgiveness will help you to stop the blazing fire of anger and will bring peace to your mind.

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It will relieve you from pain and hatred. It is said: forgiveness is the best revenge. And strong people always choose to forgive. To keep your mind focused on the life goals you have to keep yourself aloof from materialistic nuisances.

These disturbances are just to distract you from your goal. They delude you and make your life miserable. The best choice you have to keep focus on your life and do not allow such negative thoughts and emotions to enter your head.

Our mind is the center of all the activities of our life. It is necessary to control or regulate its behaviour. By regular practice and strong determination, one can conquer the wanderings of mind. if you will be successful in controlling your mind’s emotions, you will become the master of your life in the real sense.

Most of the people are living a miserable life due to their own mental weakness; they had become a slave to their mental dictation and suffering the consequences. A good mind can bring you success in life and also a negative mind will ruin your life badly. And it is in our control to regulate its flickering nature.

What is the importance of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is important for a happy life. Forgiveness gives you relief from many physical health-related issues such as blood pressure, hypertension, and many more. And mentally it changes one’s perspective from being a victim of hurt to the master of their life.

People generally ignore the importance of forgiveness. They might not be known to it or they are not interesting to be known. They have become totally entangled by materialistic propensities. They have deluded their eternal self.

Replacing forgiveness with hatred and envy can become the worst decision of your life. There is no hope of getting positive consequences by doing or acting in the wrong or negative way. What you give to the universe will definitely come to you.

Everyone does mistakes in life and hurts others or sometimes to their own self. They get stuck by that pain and lose all hopes for goodness in life. Is life stop at that point? Never, it a part of the journey of our life. There may come more trouble and obstacles in your life.


You have to fight with them bravely. Or else by being a victim of it, you will become the loser. And no one respects loser. It’s not the end, you have to learn from your mistakes and improve them. Be more focused and determined in your life and you will win the next time.

Loving yourself unconditionally is very important. It will help easily overcome hatred for yourself. True love has the divine power that will make you realize your real potential and make you successful.

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You have to forgive yourself and others also, to purify your thoughts and mind. Love and forgiveness act as anti to hatred, jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions. So it’s important to keep love and forgiveness in your heart. By forgiving people no one will regret it later, rather they feel a sense of mental strength and peace.

Is forgiveness always right?

Choosing forgiveness is always the right decision, but it’s hard to forgive someone. You may or may not realize the value of forgiveness instantly, but later on you, it will bring you fruitive consequences. It retains your peace of mind and focus.

People, who want personal growth in life, will work on it. They know its importance in making of their personality. One has to work on the growth of oneself. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon that ends up the battle in a very peaceful way.

Acquire and understand its values. It will mostly impact your life than the offender, so it’s your responsibility to make your life good. All the trouble in our life is because of ourselves and we are responsible for it.

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Also, we have to power to fight with them. No, any trouble is bigger in front of human beings. Only you have to realize your true potential. People may tease you for forgiving and not hurting your offender, they may say you are a weak person.

importance of forgiveness

You have to ignore them; they are not concerned with your good or bad things. They have no interest in your life trouble; they just enjoy being an audience of it. So you have to develop your own mental strength to fight the external negative troubles.


We have discussed till now the importance of forgiveness in our life. One who wants to reach a higher goal in life will absolutely acquire the quality of forgiveness. There is nothing wrong to forgive your offender or yourself if you learn from the mistakes.

To feel the eternal bliss, the godly pleasure, one to remove all the hatred from one’s heart. Take some time to understand its value and then decide what you want to choose. Without peace, there is no happiness and without forgiveness, there is no peace.

And it’s not easy also, that is why most people think it shows their weakness to forgive someone. But it’s not true. It shows one’s intelligence and wisdom. From now on if you want to live a peaceful and pleasant life, do not allow any negative thoughts to enter your mind.

As you think would come to you in future. Negative thoughts and actions are meant to degrade ourselves. Replace them with positive thoughts and actions.

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