21+ Simple Ways To Transform your life

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Today we are going to discuss about the effective and easy ways to transform your life. Transformation is the rule of nature, without it the growth of a living entity is not possible.

Human life is like a battlefield. We are always surrounded by various types of enemies which become hindrances in our way in any development process physically as well as mentally. These enemies can be found in different forms that can be our negative thought or outwardly things related to our day-to-day life.

What does transformation mean in life? How do you transform? How do you transform as a person? What causes people to transform? Why is it so hard to change your life? Let us discuss in details…

If we want to win this battlefield of life we need to bring about transformation in our personality. Transformation or change is the continuous process of life. It is the law of nature. Human life itself has evolved through the process of change or transformation.

So in order to make one’s life, happy one must learn the art of living life happily. In this process of making life happy, the concept of transformation can play a very vital role. Transformation is a gradual process. And it totally changes one’s life.

Everyone wants to live life happily, but transformation can bring both happiness and misery. It may be a pleasurable or miserable change for you. Change happens continuously in our life, and these small changes can lead to big transformation in our life.

People do hard work to make their life better. Transformation becomes necessary in some situations of life such as when one feels so depressed and needs to bring happiness in life. Transformation sometimes happens on its own.

But most of the time people do efforts and hard work to bring changes in their life. Transformation happens in many ways. Everyone expects to live a luxurious life full of lustful propensities. Attraction towards lust is human nature, but it is also the cause of pain in life. One has to learn to maintain proper balance in life.

Observe your life and analysis your good and bad habits. To completely transform one’s life, one has to do hard work. Start with a small effort and be consistent in life.

Every action of human beings has some impact on the universe. Sometimes happiness also feels not so pleasing; it happens when we live a happy life for a prolonged period of time and when we do not feel satisfied with what we have.

Change is necessary, without it life becomes boring. Changing our life is within our control but only to a certain extent. And we have to understand that. We have to only focus on things that are within our control.

Do not expect too much and too early from your life, it will hurt you. Everything happens at its proper speed and at its proper time. Sometimes our plans do not work as efficiently as we think even if we do it all right.

There are many aspects that include making a work successful. But we do not have to depend on the end results. Your consistency will definitely bring fruitive results to you. For a big change in life, we have to do big sacrifices of our sense gratificatory activities.

Sometimes you may think that by continuously doing hard work, you are not seeing any change in your life.

Keep patience in your heart and have faith in your work. There is no trouble that stays forever; there exists a solution for every problem. Only things we need to have faith and patience. Nature is working in its own way; we do not have control over it.

But we should have some duties towards nature’s that you have to do. The main cause of transformation is the strong will of human beings. When we got deeply inspired by or even hurt by sometimes, we feel a driven force to change the circumstances.

Our mind becomes absorbed to achieve that change and for sure we get that. Transformation happens when our heart becomes fearless of getting into more trouble in life. When we feel more courage and power in ourselves, our mind start focusing on the solution rather than the distress for the trouble.

The continuous thoughts of not giving up bring big changes in your life. When you sow a seed of positive thought, you will also harvest the positive flower out of it. So for a positive change, you have to do efforts in that direction.

There are some key habits that help one to bring change in their life. Change is happening in everyone’s life but sometimes it doesn’t happen according to our expectations. And that time we become distressed of ourselves and start blaming ourselves.

Our confidence and self-esteem go down and we lose hope. All the emotions like hurt, distress, guilt, hopelessness, fear, and more like that are just a part of our life. When we do not react to them and let the time heals or pass, we will realize their importance later in our life.

Without failures or pain, success is very rare. But when you look at failures as a new opportunity to learn new things, you start improving yourself and in the end, you become successful. To bring transformation in life start from transforming your thoughts and emotions.

Replace all the feelings of hatred, jealousy, etc. with the divine qualities of love, forgiveness, and compassion. Learn to accept and heal your pain on your own. We cannot transform our life by being in our comfort zone; rather we become a victim of it.

Work is necessary even for the simple maintenance of the body. So do not procrastinate on your goal. Do hard work for what you want in life. If you have a big dream you have to pay for it. No one else can pay that for you, it is the rule of nature.

The process of change sometimes feels troublesome and painful. But such pain will no more effective after some time. It makes us stronger and helps us realize our true potential. Everyone is capable of achieving what they want in life.

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For this people have to work on their self-development. One can take motivation from some successful people around them. Being near them will give you a positive vibe for doing efforts to achieve the desired goal.

It is said: slow and steady wins the race. And it completely demonstrates during transformation of your life. Transformation makes a complete change in your personality and your life. It brings many new aspects of life to you.

If you are willing to transform your life, be prepared to accept the change and ready to accommodate with them. It will take time to be habitant of new life, but it’s not that painful. We have to control our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

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Keep yourself aloof from the false illusory energy of this materialistic world. Start exploring your inner self. It will help you in understanding, your real identity. Firstly you have to take a decision to transform your life. It is more of a mind game rather than a physical process.

So today we will discuss the most effective and simple ways to transform your life. We will also discuss how you should go to acquire all the qualities described below.

21+ Simple Ways To Transform your life Completely

These tips will help you know why transformation is necessary for life and how can one bring an important change in one’s life. Let’s discuss them in detail…

Ready for Hard work

The key point of transforming your life is hard work. Without hard work, you cannot achieve anything in life. There is no substitute for hard work. One has to pay the cost of success in the form of hard work. Hard work helps in shaping your character. This gives rise to many good personality traits in you. It makes you a stronger and more efficient person. The harder you work for your dreams, the sooner you will be able to achieve it.

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The most common quality in successful people is reading. They continuously read even after achieving their goal. They know by gaining knowledge they had come this far, and for continuous growth, they have to continue reading and gaining knowledge. Reading books will root out the bad thoughts in your mind. It helps to make our mind peaceful and powerful. Our wisdom grows and as well as it enhances our personality growth.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the best tool to fight overthinking and negative thoughts. It keeps our mind engaged in any positive work and makes us feel satisfied all the time. Mindfulness helps to live in the present moment. It prepares your mind to focus on any goal.

Strong Determination

Without determination, no one goes for a bigger goal in life. It gives us the inner strength to fight with the trouble on our way to success. It helps to keep us inspired and energetic till the endpoint of our goal. It is the quality to be acquired by everyone.

Transformation of life

It will change your perspective of struggle and failures. It will make you confident about your goal instead of distress for having large numbers of troubles and pain. It makes us strongly convinced to achieve what we had decided to achieve. It changes one’s life and makes a strong personality.

Good company

Surround yourself with good and positive people. They will help you uplift your life and your morals. The change of life starts from one’s mind and inner thoughts and emotions. When you keep yourself in positive and good people it will gradually change yourself which you even do not expect to happen. Change happens sometimes by its own and unnoticeably.

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Dedication for your goal

Dedication helps you keep your faith and believe in yourself and your decision. No matter what people think of you and criticize you, your dedication will help you keep going and going continuously. Dedicate yourself to the goal of the desired change in your life. Dedication comes with your hard work and your determination for your goal in life.

Make Good Hobby

Making a good hobby keep our mind engaged and also relaxes it. It gives a soothing effect to our mind and purifies it. Your hobby can change your life it depends on how much you devote yourself to it and how much you have an interest in it. It also keeps you inspired in your life.


People have always criticized great people for their dreams. There are many examples in history such as Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalaam, Edison, and a lot more. When you think differently from your society and want to bring some change people will start criticizing you.

Change feels painful because it makes you come out of your comfort zone. But when you have a firm commitment to change in your life, you won’t care about people’s criticism and work for it. To transform one’s life, one has to always be ready to fight the trouble. And this continuous fighting will make you stronger and stronger.

Keep Consistency

One of the most important rules to keep in mind when we think of achieving something in our life is consistency. It will help you overcome your trouble and bring change to your life. And all the above-mentioned qualities will help you consistently try even when you are getting failures again and again.

Never give up and learning from previous mistakes should be one’s life rule. Transformation of life can also be meant to make our life successful.

Strong Will power

The burning will of yours is necessary to keep you running without getting tired. It is the starting point to make any dream come into reality. Strong willpower will decide how much you can put your efforts into this. It forces you to move forward by conquering the trouble.

But as time passes and you face more and more trouble in your path, it may start waning gradually. But one has to keep it burning till the success point. When you make your mind positive, it becomes easy to keep your burning desire for success burning continuously.

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Take Risks in life

The reason for the failures of most people is their fear of taking risks. People are afraid of taking risks and because of it, they are not getting what they are capable to get in life. They just keep following the crowd where they think security and stability, but that will not make you different from others. Without risk, you become a slave of your life’s circumstances and do not even feel the courage to overcome the trouble.

Acquire Good habits

When you start focusing on your life and want some change in it. The first step is to observe your habits and change them. Habits can be the most important reason for your futuristic life changes. If you make good habits and actions you will enjoy a blissful life ahead. Transformation happens with a small change and when you stick with that for a long time, it transforms yourself and your life’s conditions.

Self-control is necessary

I have discussed in many of my articles about self-control. How can one control oneself? Do we have control over ourselves? To Master this, first, we have to understand the reason why we don’t have control over it. In Bhagavad Gita it is said: mind is the center of all the activities of life. And also mind is the biggest friend of oneself as well as the greatest enemy of ourselves.

Transform your life quote

It means, when we have control over our thoughts, actions, and senses, it behaves as our friend and when we do not have control over it we became a slave of it. And when we start following every dictation of mind, it becomes the greatest enemy of our life.

Meditation is important

The way to achieve eternal peace and bliss is meditation. It is the best exercise for mind and soul. It helps in achieving higher consciousness of mind. And with higher consciousness, your life will also be elevated to a higher level. Meditation will help you to regain mental peace and stability.

Meditation enhances the power of our mind. Meditation acts as a weapon to fight mental wounds and injuries. To bring change in your life, start from your mind. Engage your mind in positive work and actions so that it goes in the right direction.

Keep Patience

The process of transformation can happen even in the worst condition of life. When you become left alone, you have to consolidate yourself and put your thoughts and energy to change the scenario towards a positive life. Do not get distressed by feeling alone or loser for yourself, it will degrade you.

Rather give up the petty weakness of heart and stand with a brave heart and fight with the unfavorable conditions of life. Keep patience in your heart till you reach the fruitive end of the journey.

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Think positive always

Positive thinking helps one to look the opportunities even in troublesome situations. Positivity keeps one energetic and courageous. One should have to think positively so that he can reduce the level of stress in his mind and look upon its solution. It keeps one moving forward continuously. It is said: a person becomes like that what he thinks most often.

Practice Gratitude

Feel blessed for having what you have, do not complain about what you do not have. Everyone starts from zero and faces different types of troubles in their way, but those who consistently work hard and move ahead will achieve their goal. Gratitude helps you become fearless in life.

It will help to keep gravity in your thoughts. You are the best and unique in the way you are. Do not imitate others. Keep gratitude in your heart and be thankful to God. Change in life happens when you starting acquiring Godly qualities.

Forgive and love yourself

Do you have any grudges for yourself? Do you feel hatred for yourself?

Hate, betrayal, and jealousy work like the heavy weight of no use in our head. It acts as shackles in our legs. Keeping hatred will continuously hurt you for something that had become a part of your past. To move forward in life forgive yourself and start loving yourself.

Love is the cure for many mental wounds and heals oneself. Forgiveness benefits us by freeing ourselves from the prison of hurt and anger. Forgiveness brings us mental peace and relaxation.

Keep confidence in yourself

Your confidence will help you do what you want to do without considering people’s criticism. Confidence gives inner motivation to believe in your goal. No matter whether people support you or not, if you have confidence in yourself you will not be afraid of anything. Confidence is necessary in life for everything. Praise yourself and your small achievements to build confidence.

You are not alone

Do not blame yourself for your failures and miseries in life. Everyone has to face them. Accept your failures and learn from them. Failures can be the biggest teachers of your life. Everyone has some struggle and pain in their life. And one who decides to fight with them rather than being a victim of them, overcome all trouble and miseries.

The important factor is to not give up when you fail. One should have to try again and again and again till the end. We do not have control over the results of action, so do not worry about what is not in our control.

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Learn new skills

There is unlimited knowledge around us. And knowledge helps in making our life easy and comfortable. Learning new skills makes you curious and creative. It helps in thinking broadly about any perspective. All the great leaders have told to keep learning in life. There is nothing more precious than knowledge.

Stay updated

The world is growing fast and there is every day new inventions and technologies are invented. And with new technologies comes many new opportunities. Being updated with what is happening in the world will be very beneficial for you. Acquiring the right opportunity at right time can become a boon for you. It increases your knowledge and makes you different from the crowd.


By now you must have understood the meaning and importance of transformation in one’s life. Moving ahead in life by forgetting all painful memories of the past is important. Do your work consistently without worrying about the result. The result definitely comes based on our hard work and intention behind the work.

Do not feel sorry by comparing other’s happy life with yours. Everyone has different types of struggles in life and by conquering this you can also enjoy eternal bliss.

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