21+ [BEST] Personality Development Tips

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Today we are going to discuss about the most effective personality development tips. Personality development in this era has become a crucial part of your life. The more you focus on self-development, the better your personality becomes.

The personality growth of any person plays an important role in his success. And everyone wants his personality to be pleasant and attractive. But most people get confused about it. They consider having good-looking physic as what we say a good personality. But this is not true.

A personality is nothing but the real identity of any person. A personality includes people’s behaviour, their actions, thoughts, and abilities. A lot more qualities can be included in any personality. Every person is unique and hence every person has a different and unique personality.

But when we start getting entangled with the outer world, we get mixed up with different personality traits. And we become faded from our own real personality. We start imitating others by being influenced by them. Acquiring the good qualities of people is a good thing, but we should not have to forget our real identity.

Do not run to become like other people. Work on your personal traits and qualities. Improve them by learning from people. If you work to become like others whom you have been influenced by, you will become not like that and also you will lose your real identity. The only way to have a good and attractive personality is to look at your own personal traits and improve them.

To make improvements in ourselves, we have to first know our self. Without knowing our strengths and weaknesses we can’t bring changes in ourselves. Observe your thoughts, actions, and behavior exhaustively, and then you will be known to yourself.

You will find that there is no need to imitate others. You just have to become the best version of yourself. A person with good personality has no fears and doubts in life. He has some supreme goal for himself. He always works in an organised manner.

He keeps patience and confidence in himself. He does not bewilder by the nuisances of his surroundings and keeps his mind fixed and stable and never loses his peace. He remains neutral to the dualities of this world. He always keeps learning new things in life and keeps love and compassion for people.

“Personality” is a dynamic and organized set of characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences their environment, cognition, emotions, motivations, and behaviors in various situations. The word personality originates from the Latin persona, which means “mask”.[ Wikipedia ]

Life is very unpredictable, it does not go like our plans and strategies. So one have to prepare oneself to deal with the obstacles of life. One who feels confident in himself, will overcome all trouble easily and live happily. This shows the strengths of personality.

Do not look outwards for becoming a pleasant personality. The more you explore your thoughts and emotions and your inner self, the better you become. Only allow good and positive thoughts to enter into your mind and crowd out all the negativity.

When you become familiar with your personal traits and habits and the nature of this materialistic world, your vision towards life changes. You live life in a more happy and joyful way. Do not bother about the troubles in your life, they all are temporary. While being a part of this society you have to tolerate many offenses in your daily life, forgive, and move ahead to retain peace of mind.

Forgiveness shows that you are mentally strong and stable. A good personality helps in every aspect of life. People love to make friendship with such people. A person becomes like that what he thinks more often. We often meet different people in our daily life.

Sometimes we get influenced by their nature or personality and sometimes we feel distress meeting some people. It is because of their nature and thinking. When you have good personality traits, it will bring more opportunities to you.

The self-development of any person starts from one’s mind. If one has a firm control on thoughts and emotions of the mind, he will live in the way he wants. A positive mind will always take rights decisions. A good person neither gets attached too much nor gets detached from worldly things.

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By making a proper balance between the spiritual and materialistic things, one can live an ideal life. People who do not feel afraid of failure and criticism from people attain higher success in life. Such people always stay determined towards their goal and do not worry by the failures coming in its way. Their confidence in their dreams makes them not give up in the way.

It is said in Bhagavad Gita: success is sure for a rigid practitioner. So, for absolute reasons, one has to keep fighting the trouble and keep the determination to reach the endpoint of the goal. It will increase your confidence and make you more power mentally.

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Now you have understood the meaning of a good personality and its importance in one’s life. So let us discuss some most important and efficient personality development tips. This will change your personality for sure if you acquire these personality traits. let us discuss this in detail…

Best Personality Development Tips

These tips will help you improve yourself and your overall personality. So stay tuned to us.

Learn and grow

Life is the continuous process of learning new things. People who learn and stay up to date with time will always live in a more comfortable way. A learning attitude will make you always a student and infill you with a higher level of enthusiasm and courage than others.

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Do not get envy when trouble comes in life, they make you learn more and grow more. Conquering the troubles in life makes us a step ahead in life. Learn from your surroundings and improve yourself.

Stay peaceful

A peaceful mind is indirectly a happy mind. All the lustful propensities of this world cannot give us permanent joy. They are temporary and illusory. Do not get entangled with all such lustful activities and keep yourself aloof from them. Practice to bring peace to your mind. It will help you achieve real eternal happiness. Happiness is just a state of mind, so keep your mind blissful by acquiring eternal peace. Do not get bewildered by illusory energies around you. This practice will make you a good personality.

Take responsibility

Always ready to take responsibility is a sign of a good personality. They never put step back in such circumstances. The better they perform their duty, the better their individuality becomes. So, do not fear of responsibilities; keep courage in your heart to tackle such fear. Responsibility will make you aware of the reality of the world. It helps you strengthens your weaknesses and to become a good person.

Be fearless

Fearlessness shows how strong individual you are. It shows you are capable of protecting yourself and do not depend on others. It helps you to grab new opportunities in your life. When you become fearless, you become strong. Everyone wants to live a fearless life but to overcome fear you have to fight with the fear. And such people are very brave who live fearlessly. Fearlessness is the virtue of a good personality. Fearlessness comes with confidence and devotion.

Educate yourself

A university or college degree, does not make you a completely educated person. In reality, your intelligence, wisdom, and mind make you an educated person. And education is the most important for anyone’s life’s growth. Education is necessary for the overall growth of any personality. Education will police your personality and make you an honorable person in society. Education is the most important aspect of the growth of any society and country. It helps in understanding life in a simple way.

Acquire good habits

A habit can determine your success. Make good habits to become a good person. Small habits can bring the biggest change in our life. So learn from the lives of great people and acquire their good habits in life. Stay away from bad habits. All the great leaders have acquired good habits in their life and reach their goals. Good habits retain your individuality and your success.

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People can judge your nature by your language or speaking skills. Language is a powerful weapon that can create or stop the war without even fighting. Talk to people in a pleasing way. Do not hurt others by any of our words. People will respect you if they feel nice talking to you. Language helps in building relationships with people. And it shows one wisdom and intelligence indirectly.

Ethics and morals

Ethics and moral values are the most important traits of a good personality. Good ethics and moral values will always bring honor and respect to you. People love your accompany. Develop good ethics and moral values in your head. You can inspire people if you have good ethics and moral values.


The secret to success is hard work in the right direction. Do not depend on anyone for anything. Do hard work to get that thing by your own. Your hard work will make people trust in your goals.  They will support you and appreciate your efforts. Hard work is one of the most important personality traits. It helps make your dream comes true.


Remember Simple living high thinking should be the mantra of one’s life. It will lead you to your success at a higher rate. Living a simple life reduces the troubles in our life and enhances our productivity. It will help you in identifying your goal in life. It brings positive changes in yourself and helps disentangle yourself from worldly illusions.

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Keep yourself aloof from lustful propensities, they just delude a person and never bring satisfaction to you. Running behind them is like chewing the chewed. So avoid such propensities and learn to live a simple and blissful life. A peaceful mind can bring you real eternal happiness.


Truthfulness comes with a pure heart. When you acquire the quality of truthfulness, people start trusting you. It may sometimes feel hard to say the truth, but it’s the beauty of it. When you are afraid of someone and still says the truth, it makes you a truthful person. It is an important virtue of a nice personality.

Always choose the path of truth, no matter how difficult is it. A strong personality will always be ready to tackle the troubles of life, but he will never choose the wrong and negative direction. Truthfulness may be hard, but it’s like a purificatory process for one’s mind and heart.


A strong belief in your abilities stands you different from the crowd. Confidence will help you grab new opportunities in life and opens up to you many different perspectives of life. Confidence makes you realize your true potential and how strong you are.

Never doubt in your abilities rather practice to enhance your abilities or skills. Do not compare yourself, everyone is unique, and also life treats different to all people. Confidence teaches us the right way to live life


Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction of being honoured by others. One should note that life is changing every moment we pass and so the people of earth. And there is nothing permanent.

So being anxious about illusory honor and dishonor is useless. Rather you should respect yourself because you know all your qualities. Do not get envious of people’s opinions about you. Keep a neutral view for all people and free yourself from the dualities of the world. When you stay neutral towards these materialistic activities, you become internally strong and stable.


Non-violence is important to become a nice personality. But it’s more important to understand the real meaning of non-violence. Non-violence means not to put others into distress. People are living a miserable life and instead of overcoming it, they are getting more entangled with it due to their ignorance.

And if our actions also contribute to ignorance we are also committing violence. So to practice non-violence one should learn to help people to become successful in life, learn to make others’ successful. The more you make an endeavor to make others happy, the more your life becomes joyful. Remove the feelings of jealousy and hatred for people and enjoy a blissful life.


Forgiveness is the attribute of strong people. And being mentally strong is the trait of a good personality. Everyone does not have enough courage to forgive others. They even think to hurt back the offender. But it increases the pain.

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Forgiveness is the healing process and it takes time to heal your mental wounds. It will give you more mental strength and bring peace to your mind.

God recommends us to forgive others if we want forgiveness for our mistakes. Remove hatred from your hurt and replace it with love and compassion for people. If you forgive people, you will gain respect and honor in people. People will be influenced by your personality and they will follow you.


When you choose the path of truth with love and affection, you become a gentle person. Gentleness is when you do your work without being influenced by emotions and attachments. It helps in making good decisions. It brings continuous calmness to your mind and peace. It will help in enhancing your personality with positivity.

Psychology has traditionally defined personality through its behavioural patterns, and more recently with neuroscientific studies of the brain. In recent years, some psychologists have turned to the study of inner experiences for insight into personality as well as individuality. Inner experiences are the thoughts and feelings to an immediate phenomenon.[ Wikipedia ]


Everyone is equal in God’s eye and also everyone is eternally the same. But in this material world due to materialistic illusion, he forgets our eternal self and gets entangled with lustful propensities. And due to this, we suffer the dualities of the world, but it’s temporary. We have to become modest of our circumstances, treat everyone with humbleness. Do not change your behaviour depending on success or failures in life, be modest.


To live an ideal life you must have a control on yourself. Do not get engaged in unnecessary sense gratificatory activities. It will bewilder you from your goal and bring misery to you. It only agitates to gratify the sense for instant pleasure, but in the long run, it brings trouble to you.

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Engage your mind in some superior goals so that it becomes easy to control them. Having control on yourself will make you an ideal personality. It gives you the power and intelligence to take the right decisions for yourself in life. Controlling the senses is very difficult, but with practice and detachment one can have firm control over it.


Everyone is busy nowadays to acquire more and more things in their life. All has become the slave of materialistic comfort. As the materialistic comfort gives us pleasure, but also it associates with misery and pain. Misery and pain is inevitable to come when you strive for materialistic sense pleasure. Understand the reality of life and become free from its illusion. Keep your mind calm to live joyfully. Respond with equanimity to pleasures and distress of life.


It will help you fight the troubles of life. It will give you inner strength and confidence to overcome every difficulty. It helps in making your character. It is the key ingredient of any successful person. Stick yourself with your goals in life and work steadily for it. You will definitely achieve it. Believe in your goals and stay determined with your hard work. Your hard work will definitely bring you fruitive results.


The non-permanent appearances and disappearances of happiness and distress, cold and warm are like the summer and winter seasons. So there is no need to be getting too depressed with misery and too much attached to happiness. They will disappear over time.

Always keep an optimistic view about life and tolerate all such dualities of life. Accept the success and failures of life and learn from it. The more you learn, the better personality your becomes. Do not become aggressive when someone hurts you, one should tolerate and forgive the minor offenses of life to keep your mind peaceful.  Removing hatred from your heart will heal your wounds.


There are many more personality traits that add to your personality, but all the abovementioned are very important for oneself. It will help in your personal life as well as in your professional life. It will purify your soul and make you realize your true potential.

One should have to be very conscious of good and bad habits. Focus on self-development and work for it. You are the only person who is responsible for the good and bad of your life. Do not get depressed by the troubles in life, rather more focus to get their solution. Personality development is a gradual process and it changes your mental attitude.

To live a happy and peaceful life, we have to focus on our personal traits. Overcome all the bad habits and engage yourself in positive work. A positive and peaceful mind can help you taking the important decisions of your life.

Do not feel sad if you think you do not have a good personality you can work for your self-improvement and bring change in yourself. Everyone starts with zero and but not everyone ends achieving their dreams. Success comes to those, who devote oneself for their success, it a two way process.

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