What Happens When You Forgive Someone ?

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Today we are going to discuss what happens when you forgive someone who has hurt you. Forgiving people is a divine quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone in life. And one must know what change might happen when he forgive someone.

How to forgive someone? Why forgiveness is hard?  How to overcome pain and suffering?What happens when you forgive someone? Let’s discuss this in detail.

While living on this planet we come across many changes in our life. We plan our life for a pleasant future, but sometimes it brings unexpected results. We have to accept the good and bad of this materialistic world. We cannot totally get detached from it.

So we have to live our life by maintaining a proper balance between spiritual and materialistic activities. Accept happiness and distress that comes in your life; both are not permanent, they come and go like winter and summer seasons. So keep a neutral opinion for these worldly experiences.

Learn to tolerate the minor offenses of life. They are part of one’s growth and progress. Without facing the trouble and obstacles of one’s path one cannot become able for achieving success. To achieve something one has to pay for it in the form of hard work and dedication.

We may fail many times and get depressed. We feel hatred for ourselves or people. But failures or mistakes are not to envy us; they are making us alert to follow the right path. Follow your goals with full determination without getting disturbed by the failures.

There might be failures in some attempts, but for a determined person success will surely come. Keep your mind free and positive by forgiving yourself or others for mistakes. Jealous is like rust. It deteriorates us internally.

It burns our moral values and makes us greedy and dishonest. One has to do hard work to achieve what he wants from one’s life but also it should be in the right direction and with the right attitude. Ignore people’s opinions about your goals and perspective, if you feel it will be beneficial for you then go for it.

When you will succeed people’s criticism will take the form of appreciation. So, forgive those people, remove the heavy weight of hatred and malice from your mind and focus on your goal.

Study has shown that forgiveness is linked to mental health outcomes such as reduced anxiety, depression and major psychiatric disorders, as well as with fewer physical health symptoms and lower mortality rates.

In another study, Toussaint followed participants for five weeks and measured how their levels of forgiveness ebbed and flowed. He found that when forgiveness rose, levels of stress went down. Reduced stress, in turn, led to a decrease in mental health symptoms. [APA]

People always asks,” what happens when we forgive someone?” The answer is that when we forgive someone, we bring positivity in our life. We feel more focused and determined towards our goal. By forgiving we reduce the disturbances in our life.

We choose to live our life peacefully. We remove all hostility to free our mind and feel self-controlled. We don’t allow any negative thought to envy us. We choose forgiveness for our personal growth.

Forgiveness is not for the weak, it is a virtue for the strong people. So by forgiving you have to prove that you are strong enough that you will not be provoked by criticism from others.

Forgive and move ahead by keeping love for them. Making mistakes is human behavior and they can improve their mistakes. So there is no reason for hating someone for their mistakes. Everyone is eternally pure and divine, but when one gets entangled with materialistic things, they get deviated from their real self.

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Forgiveness should be unconditional otherwise it will not give you relief from your pain. If you want an apology for your mistakes, you should also forgive others. Forgiveness associates with love and compassion.

While living on this planet we make connections with different people. It makes us understand the value of love and compassion in our life. Also, some negative emotions like hatred and jealousy come with it.

Some emotions give us happiness while others distress us. But it is very difficult to distinguish because when someone hurts us, we do not feel to love them, it dwells hatred for them and we feel a false sense of satisfaction by hating them.

But a negative emotion does not lead to positive results. Hating someone creates more negative emotions that associates with hatred and jealousy. It deludes us and our eternal self. To rescue oneself from this, one has to understand the real meaning of eternal happiness.

When one thinks of materialistic temporary happiness it is inevitable to come distress in our life. But when one tries to understand the real eternal happiness, he lives blissfully.

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To make oneself pure and eternal one has to remove the impure thoughts and emotions from one’s heart such as hatred, jealousy, anger, and a lot more. Replace these thoughts with love, forgiveness, compassion, truthfulness, etc.

People often choose to live with hatred and jealousy out of their anger. They feel that forgiving their offender proves them a weak person. There are lots of reasons for not forgiving someone. But unforgiveness gives us continuous pain for something that happened in the past.

It will make you hate yourself. It deludes all the positive traits from you. People do this in ignorance. They do not know the importance and value of forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard but it’s important to remove all hatred and envy from one’s heart.

Forgiveness will give you relief and mental peace. Forgiveness associates with love, honesty, truthfulness, and many more positive qualities. When one’s intelligence gets driven by the temporary and illusory energy then one ignores the value of forgiveness.

People entangled with materialistic lust try to satisfy their false ego. They think hurting back their enemy will give them relief. But it’s not true.

It is said: An Eye For An Eye Will Make The World blind. So revenge is not the solution to overcome hatred. Forgiveness is the best revenge. One has to think peacefully, only then can one forgive the other. There is a benefit for both in forgiving.

Benefits Of Forgiveness In One’s Life

It makes you free from the negative net of thoughts and emotions. God wants us to acquire the quality of forgiveness. As He accepts us with all our sins. We also have to forgive people to spread love and peace in society.

A peaceful mind is a happy mind. And to make your mind peaceful one has to keep one’s mind positive and have a firm control on the senses. One cannot bring peace to mind by any materialistic means. Materialistic means are temporary and painful.

What seems to be nectar at the beginning will act as poison at the end. One who understands the importance of forgiveness will never choose to hurt others for satisfying their anger. He has control over his emotions.

He understands the distinction between right and wrong. And one would always choose the right even in the midst of trouble. When you choose to forgive someone, you put the restrictions aside from your mind to exploring new things in life.

You allow yourself to heal the pain; you free yourself from the unnecessary pain and trouble. By forgiving others you get control over your mind. Your life starts getting back on track and now you will be stronger than before.

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Forgiveness heals and makes us stronger. It infills us with positive energy. Forgiveness is the cure for the wounds you are suffering due to other’s mistakes.

The sufferings to us are due to our decision of unforgiveness. By forgiving you will be free from all envy, hurt, and hatred. You will start recovering soon.

The decision to forgive someone who has hurt us takes enough courage to accomplish. It’s hard to free them for doing wrong to us, it won’t make us happy. This happens due to one’s stronger anger come out of false ego.

what happens when we forgive someone

One should be clear in their mind that hurting them back will not help to heal their wounds. It will even become more painful. To cure any wound or disease, one needs proper care and treatment. Similarly to heal our mental wounds, we have to bring back our mind to peace.

Decisions taken in wrath will never give you satisfaction; they are out of ignorance of right and wrong things.

And forgiveness will help you bringing peace to your mind. Wrath creates a strong driven force in us to hurt our enemy or someone who has hurt us and to overcome such a strong force one has to use some divine power. And forgiveness is that divine power that God recommends to us.

We cannot grow in life if there comes only joyful and pleasant things. It will make us internally weak. One’s real growth happens when one fights with the trouble of life to get out of it. One’s strength should be measured in the battleground, not in an empty ground.

A ship is secure at the bank of the ocean, but its real use is while in the ocean. Similarly, for a consistent growth in life, we have to leave our comfort zone and keep learning from our obstacles. Practice making your mind peaceful by removing the grudges out of it.

Grudges will keep you disturbed for something that had happened in the past. Remove yourself from the false shackles of grudges and hatred through forgiveness. By forgiving yourself, you bring joy to your mind. It will feel more positivity and concentrated.

Dr. Robert Enright from the University of Wisconsin–Madison founded the International Forgiveness Institute and is considered the initiator of forgiveness studies. He developed a 20-Step Process Model of Forgiveness. Recent work has focused on what kind of person is more likely to be forgiving. A longitudinal study showed that people who were generally more neurotic, angry, and hostile in life were less likely to forgive another person even after a long time had passed. Specifically, these people were more likely to still avoid their transgressor and want to enact revenge upon them two and a half years after the transgression.[ Wikipedia ]

Forgiveness Brings Happiness In Life

When we forgive someone or our self, we make that hurt ineffective to us. We take back our control over our thoughts and emotions. We start focusing on our goals.

By forgiving, we win the fight by not even fighting. Forgiveness does not show one’s weakness, it shows that he has a firm control over his mind and actions. It shows that no one can delude him to take wrong actions in life. Forgiveness stops the exaggeration of negative thoughts. It pulls your mind to a peaceful state.

One can only feel the happiness in life when his mind is in a peaceful state. And such peace of mind can be achieved by purifying our thoughts and emotions. So to enjoy a blissful life we have to purify our thoughts and actions.

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Forgiveness is the sacred act that helps to purify your mind. It transforms all the negative emotions into positives. By forgiving one may feel a significant change in their behavior and attitude. Our decision to forgive changes our actions.

We bring a change in our self by choosing to forgive someone. This decision of ours will make us realize the true meaning of happiness and our real purpose in life. We may feel focused in our lives and towards our goals.

By keeping a constant feeling of forgiveness we are always ready to fight with the trouble surrounding us.

Keeping the grudges in our head acts as shackles in our legs, that resist us to move ahead in life. And by forgiving those hurts and betrayals we make ourselves free from all the restraints. Forgiveness starts healing our mental wounds and cures them.

It removes the feeling of hatred and jealousy for people. Hurt may disconnect you from people but forgiveness makes us disconnect with pain and suffering. It is needed to live our life smoothly. We have to deal with people every time in our daily life.

So it becomes important to practice forgiveness in life. Replace the feeling of hatred and jealousy with love and forgiveness. It may be hard in the beginning, but over time you will feel more peace and consent in your life.

Then you will always choose to forgive people, then to intensify your hurt by keeping hatred for them. Moving on is important because life is changing every moment. If we get stuck with some negative feelings then it will affect our growth in life. So for continuous growth in life, we have to acquire the divine qualities recommended by God.

Forgiveness is a divine quality and everyone must have to acquire it. If you want forgiveness from God for your sins, you should have to remove hatred from your heart by forgiving people.

Life is changing every moment we pass, but we may not notice the small changes in our daily life. But in the long run, every small change in the right direction will bring significant change in our life. Similarly for the negative things also.

forgiveness quote

So to avoid any big negative disaster in the future, learn to forgive every small nuisance in life. Choose to forgive, if you want to live peacefully. Hurting back the offender will intensify your wrath for him in the future, and you will not feel satisfied by your revenge ever.

Leave them without saying any bad words work for your better future. Letting them go, will make you free from the false encagement of hatred.

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By forgiving we put the hurdles out of our way and move ahead towards our goal. We may explore new things in life by freeing our mind. We allow new opportunities to come into our life. And also our mind works more efficiently than before.

We become stronger than before. We do not give others control over our self. We become the master of our thoughts and emotions. And also we learn to distinguish between the right and wrong things in life. By acquiring the quality of forgiveness we elevate ourselves to a higher level of consciousness.

The practice of forgiveness is an indirect way of practice to control our anger. Forgiveness and anger are opposite to each other. Forgiveness is a divine quality while anger is of demoniac people. If you do not forgive others you always feel suspected towards other people.

You lose hope in life and surround yourself with all the negative energies. Keep patience in your heart and let the time pass. No, any trouble or pain is permanent. So never feel discouraged, and believe in yourself. There is always sunshine after a sunset.

The act and effects of forgiveness can vary depending on the relationship status between persons. Whether you are married, friends, or even just acquaintances, the process of forgiving is similar but not completely the same. When it comes to forgiving a friend, the friend’s personal situation and feelings must also be considered. You must ask yourself if you were in the wrong or if the other person could already be going through some type of grief or suffering at the time of the incident. Consideration of other people’s feelings plays a factor as to how much and how quickly a situation can be resolved. [Wikipedia]

Power Of Forgiveness

It is useless to keep hatred and envy for people. It makes our mind disturbed every time and because of it, no any work can be done with proper concentration.

Because of one painful thought or emotions we feel continuous distress until we remove that from our mind. People change with time and so do we. Thus it becomes necessary to be a part of the change. You can bring the desired change in yourself, by your decision.

what happens when we forgive someone

If you forgive your past mistakes and people you will live more blissfully in your present. If we put the seeds of positivity in our mind, so thus will grow after years and fructify us in a positive way. Forgiveness is hard but also it’s very necessary.

Forgiveness is necessary for a healthier relationship. If you have a forgiving attitude, you will have more friends. Forgiveness is the seed of love and compassion that fructify in the future. People who keep hatred in their heart deludes their thoughts and as well as their actions.

To live peacefully on this planet we have to learn to tolerate the dualities of this world. One has to be neutral in every trouble in life, there is no need to be depressed or envious. Every problem comes with a solution.

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And also there is nothing happening in this world without any reason. To bring positive change in society one has to start from oneself and then people will automatically start follow your path.


Living life only for oneself is good, but one who lives for the good of others is great. Do not think selfish. Do not get attracted to the glitters of this world, they are temporary. Dwell the permanent divine sparkle in your heart by acquiring all the divine qualities.

Love yourself and the people around you. Bury the negativity in your head with positive thoughts. Spread happiness so as to enjoy the eternal bliss in your life.

Forgive those people who have wronged you anytime in your life. Because the pain is not permanent but we increase the duration of pain by thinking about the same pain. Forget other’s wrongdoings and focus on your good.

You have to work for your personal growth and it will happen when you remove hatred and envy from your mind. Forgiveness will help you reach a long distance in your life peacefully. Practice to control your anger and replace the thoughts of revenge with forgiveness.

For a happy and prosperous life mental peace is necessary. So do not allow any negative thoughts to enter your mind. Focus your mind on your goal then you will be easily getting out of trouble because when one focuses on the goal, he gets the courage and determination to get over the troubles of its path.

Forgiveness is for everyone because no one is perfect. There is always a chance of an accident even on the safest road. So the sooner you accept the reality of this materialistic world,the the better you will enjoy it.

Do not hate anyone for their failures and mistakes. Help them improve it by forgiving him/her. To make the world a peaceful place we have to learn to live with love and compassion. Everyone is equal in God’s eye and love everyone the same.

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