How to forgive yourself for procrastinating ?

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Today we are going to discuss how to forgive yourself for procrastination. Forgiving people is a divine quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone. And when you have to forgive yourself for bad habits, it is more difficult to you, because it’s difficult to find faults in yourself.

Have you ever been a victim of procrastination? what did you think about it? Do you know how procrastination affects your life? How do you forgive yourself for being a victim of procrastination? let us discuss in detail…

Actually, it happens because of one’s own behavior. You can’t blame others for procrastinating. But you will unnecessarily become a victim of failures. It will make you weak, even your strengths will decrease with time.

This happens due to one’s mental weakness and laziness. It happens when you choose to live in your comfort zone. Life is changing every moment we pass. So you should also have to change with time.

No one is perfect and knowledge is limitless. The more knowledge a person acquires, the more curious he becomes. But procrastination will make you a loser in life for no reason.

Only because of your laziness or your comfort feeling. No one has become successful while being in their comfort zone.

You will regret in the future if you do not change your habit of procrastination. Procrastination is a habit of degradation. It makes one unsuccessful while one may have all the skills required to become successful. Procrastination acts like a slow poison, which makes you regret in the future.

Procrastination is not a joyous state to be in. Procrastination gives you a false feeling of satisfaction. It makes one feel that he has won the battle of life, so he doesn’t have to work anymore.

A 1992 study showed that “52% of surveyed students indicated having a moderate to high need for help concerning procrastination.”[ Wikipedia ]

But life never stops, and work is the main principle of life. It is said: work is worship. One who doesn’t follow this principle will become a slave to the illusory power of the world.

There is no substitute for hard work. One of the main causes of failure or delay in the success of anyone is procrastination. This happens because of mental ignorance.

It blurs the vision of your goal and slows down the growth rate. It should not be ignored. It may leave you with regret and disappointment. One may miss many opportunities in life due to his procrastinating behavior. Practice to overcome it.

First, you have to understand the reasons why you do this? Why you are lazy? How can you procrastinate for things which are going to be beneficial to you? Procrastination will make you unsuccessful in fulfilling your responsibility.

No one believes a lazy person to perform their responsibility timely. It will destroy your life. At every stage of life, one has to stay active. Our surrounding teaches us many life lessons. But you will only acquire knowledge when you are proactive and attentive to your surroundings.

Procrastination will make you disappointed in the long run. Recognize the signs of procrastination and practice to overcome them. The human body is meant to work and grow. One has to work even for the maintenance of one’s body.

If you have faced the consequences of this bad habit, forgive yourself. Do not keep hatred for yourself. Every person is eternally pure and of divine nature. But as he gets associated with the material engagements, he gets contaminated by lust, hatred, pride, procrastination, and many more unnecessary bodily activities.

You are the maintainer of your body and also you are responsible for all the happiness and distress in your life.

Never let your past ruin your present and future. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and move ahead. Take the lessons from your mistakes and practice not repeat them in the future. Practice working hard in your life.

Nothing can be achieved with procrastination and staying in your comfort zone. Step out of your comfort zone and work hard for your dreams and turn them into reality. Never hate yourself for your mistakes; this will create more trouble for you.

Be proactive in your work and make improvements. Forgiveness is the divine quality; God has recommended us to acquire it in our life. One can’t make progress in life by keeping a heavy weight of hate and malice in our heart.

To cover a long distance in your life, learn to keep less distraction in your life. Practice detachment, it will reduce your troubles in life. In the pursue of your dreams, there come many ups and downs.

But if you procrastinate your work, it will create more trouble and even take a longer time to achieve it. We have talked enough about procrastination and its negative effects in life. Now lets us discuss the solution for it and how can we forgive ourselves for being a victim of procrastination.

If you improve every time you make any mistake in life, it will be easy to forgive for your mistake. You will not be so depressed by your mistakes and failure. You would think of it as a learning process. One who understands the way to learn from mistakes, his speed towards success increases.

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Love yourself even when you are in the worst condition. Never feel hatred for yourself, it will be the worst feeling. This is a sign of failure. When you forgive yourself every time and grow, your confidence grows and you become a better person in life.

To err is human, to forgive is divine, everyone does mistakes in their life, and you are not alone. Give yourself another chance to correct your mistake. Regression and atonement are not the solutions to any mistake. People will criticize you for your mistake, ignore them. Not everyone wants you to be successful.

This you have to identify by your own. Success will not be achieved immediately but it would be achieved definitely if you continuously do hard work. Keep patience and determination in your heart. Our daily routine significantly affects your life.

Small efforts can bring the biggest change in your life. It is said in the Gita that one should not be depressed by the failures in his way, rather one should keep doing efforts with full determination and he will be surely successful.

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It is said success is sure for a rigid practitioner. To forgive you for being a victim of procrastination one should love yourself. You are the best, in the way you are: so accept yourself wholeheartedly.

Never think bad if you have done any mistakes, rather try to learn from them and overcome them in the future.

How do I forgive myself for ruining my life by procrastination ?

Mistakes do not ruin one’s life in reality what exactly ruins is not correcting your mistakes in the future. Mistakes are the parts of the journey of our life. If you have done something bad that you are suffering now, have a soft heart for yourself and forgive those mistakes.

You are superior in your actions and thoughts. You have the ability to improve it and should definitely improve it. Accept the failures and their consequences look towards them as a learning process.

Life is sometimes very unfair to us; it brings intolerable pain to us. But as I told you, humans [eternal soul] is superior to any thoughts and feelings so we have the ability to tackle all such troubles in life.

Never feel sad for your loss because in this materialistic world everything is temporary.

A study done in 2004 showed that 70% of university students categorized themselves as procrastinators while a 1984 study showed that 50% of the students would procrastinate consistently and considered it a major problem in their lives. [ wikipedia ]

So there is no need to grieve for something unworthy. You can get that thing again or may be something more pleasant than that thing. Keep an optimistic opinion about life; no one knows when your turn comes to show your ability.

So instead of focusing on the results or the circumstances focus on the practice to improve yourself, your skills so that when the proper time comes, you will shine. All this will happen when you choose the path of hard work. Nothing is free on this planet.

One has to pay for each and everything we consume, so to achieve your goal you have to pay in the form of hard work, perseverance, and consistency. People often ask how to forgive yourself for procrastination? The answer is to eliminate the idea of procrastination.

This will lead you to the opposite of success; it will give you such an illusion that you will forget your goal. Procrastination works as a slow and pleasant poison, to destroy one’s life.

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You are responsible for everything that happened in your life. All the miseries and joyful moments are temporary and one has to always keep it in mind. It will help one in always doing hard work to reach the supreme goal of life.

If you have been failing in life, you are still responsible. No one wants to fail, but because of some negative habits such as procrastination and laziness, etc., people become fail. But every time you fail, there is always a chance to improve your mistake and start all over again.

Everyone does mistakes but the person who learns from them will succeed in life. Every time you fall, you have to stand. There will be no one sometimes to help you; you have to stand on your own. Be consistent in your hard work because one can achieve anything with hard work.

What is the root of procrastination?

Procrastination swipes away one focus from spiritual activities and makes one a lazy being. Our body is the creation of materialistic elements so it has some qualities that are not godly but belongs to this materialistic world.

Procrastination is also one of them. Everyone on earth does procrastinate in their life. They feel elusive pleasure in procrastination. But later it will make you regret for wasting time and postponing your work.

The root cause of procrastination is desirelessness and laziness. Both are similar to each other. And also both will become toxic over time. Being in your comfort zone is also a cause of procrastination.

People love to be in their comfort zone. But whether it seems pleasant and relaxing, it creates a troublesome future for you.

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Never think of living comfortably, wish to become stronger to face more struggle in life. Struggle makes us stronger and better than ever. One has the right to do their work with full determination and dedication but one should not get affected by its result.

The result is not in our hands, but the results will be definitely favorable when our work is done right. So try and try over again to make improvements in your work. To overcome procrastination it is necessary to know about its cause, so one should be very clear from now about it and will feel easy to tackle with it.

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It will take time to overcome the habit of procrastination. But with practice and determination, one can do it. Make bigger goals in life that force you to do actions. Actions bring the results not avoiding it or procrastination.

To remove it, its root cause has to be dealt with. Root out its cause from your life and you will be free from this negative or devil’s quality.

What God says about forgiving yourself ?

God has accepted us with all our sins and mistakes. We are always dear to him in all circumstances, he will always accept us. But the one who follows the path recommended by God is more dear to him also he is dear to everyone.

God says surrender yourself with all the sinful activities to Me. We are the children of the supreme Godhead. And so we are eternally pure, only due to the materialistic illusions our thoughts and actions get polluted.

Forgiving oneself gives us a hidden push towards positivity. It detaches us from all negative emotions such as hurt, envy, hatred, etc. Everyone is equal in the eye of God. And he will feel hurt when his children get hurt.

So just as we want to live happily, also we have to make others live in the same way. Remove the feeling of hatred from your heart and replace it with love and compassion.

Jesus said: if you want forgiveness for your mistakes, you should also learn to forgive other people. God sacrificed his life and forgave those people who hanged him on the cross. He asked the supreme God to forgive those people who punished him.

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So one should acquire the quality of forgiveness. Forgive yourself and always be ready to forgive others. To live happily on this earth it’s necessary to accept imperfections. And forgiving those imperfections will make it a more peaceful life.

How to remove procrastination from your life?

To remove the bad habit of procrastination one has to overcome laziness. Laziness is one of the reasons for procrastination so it should be rooted out from one’s life. Desiring to enjoy sense gratification also makes oneself distracted from one’s goal in life.

Also, one can control one’s mind and train it in such a way to work efficiently and at the proper time. Work done at the right time will bring fruitive results. Look in the life of great personalities of the world, who had overcome all bad habits in their life.

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We can acquire the good qualities of great personalities, but one should not try to imitate them. Below are some tips to overcome procrastination:

  • Make some hobby – Try to indulge yourself in some interesting hobby so that one always feels happy and motivated to work. it fuels up our enthusiasm to work and move forward.


  • Why – This is also going to help you overcome procrastination. When one understands the reason for doing work one feels forced from within to do it on time.


  • Relax – People tend to put off their work when their mind is not fresh or relaxed. They refuse to work till they feel energetic to do that work. Therefore, one should relax their mind by meditation or exercise so that one should avoid procrastination.


  • Company – A person becomes like that with whom he spends most of the time. The company plays a vital role in the making of one’s life. So one should make a good friend who will help him in life.


  • Responsibility – No one has become perfect theoretically. To enrich their personality one has to work practically. And taking responsibility will dwell a feeling of doing work sincerely.


  • Discipline – A disciplined mind will never procrastinate. He will think to complete his work at the proper time. So to avoid procrastination, one must practice self-discipline.


What to Do When You Can’t stop procrastinating?

Procrastination can affect your life negatively so it’s necessary to overcome such a problem. One has to know the reason for procrastinating work and then find the solution for it. There is no reason to worry because every problem has some solution.

So one can definitely overcome it. One has to deal with procrastination with great determination and patience because it will take time. Do not worry if you are not getting out of it.

Keep patience and do continuous effort you will overcome it. Do not feel sad if it takes time to remove it from your life rather motivate yourself to be continuous in the process of overcoming it.

Why is it so hard to stop procrastinating?

Everyone feels a kind of false illusory pleasure in procrastination. It is so addictive that one cannot realize when it starts degrading oneself and become a problem for you. It makes oneself be in their comfort zone.

And being in your comfort zone will never help you in achieving success. Stopping procrastination is hard because when one has to work for something which he may not be interested in, it is a difficult task. But again I will say it is possible to stop procrastination.

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Practice with smaller efforts and gradually you will completely overcome it. If this would be easy then every person will become successful. But people with great dreams and courage in their hearts can overcome it.

overcome procrastination by forgiving quotes

One who believes in making small goals and achieving them will definitely overcome it. There is no shortcut to success. One has to work by going out of their comfort zone.

Practice feeling comfortable while being uncomfortable. Life is very unpredictable, so procrastinating work for tomorrow is not good. Tomorrow the situation may not be favorable so do the work at its proper time.

Procrastinating work will pile up your work and you will feel pressured and less focused towards your work. And to avoid pressure we again procrastinate. So one should avoid it from the very beginning so that it’s not become too late for you. mind is very flickering in nature and one can control it with rigid determination.


We live on earth with different types of people. And everyone wants happiness in one’s life. But life is not very pleasant sometimes, it brings many trouble to you. But humans have the power to mitigate all such unnecessary trouble and make stronger relationships with people.

To overcome the external trouble, one has to fight with the internal traumas first. And forgiveness will help in any way to fight with all the negative traumas of one. Believe in yourself and have faith in God you will get all that you deserve.

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