21+ Tips On How To Forgive Someone Who Broke Your Heart

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Today we are going to discuss how to forgive someone who broke your heart also we will discuss some effective tips to forgive others. Forgiving people is a divine quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone. And when someone cheats on us, then it becomes a horrifying problem for us.

Have you ever felt heartbroken? Have you ever been broken by someone you loved the most? Is it an easy process to overcome such pain? Can we think of forgiving those people? If yes. How to forgive those who broke your heart?

Hurt, betrayal, infidelity, and many more emotions like that bring misery all around us. Such emotions act as poison for our lives which have a long-lasting effect. It is a gradual process of degradation, which we can control, by becoming aware of it and taking action against it.

These emotions give us false and illusory satisfaction for our ego. But also, it deludes our eternal self. If you love someone truly, it will give you the energy to get upgraded to the higher version of yourself.

Love is the feeling of affection for someone for whom we want to be happy, prosperous, and healthy always on a progressive path in life; this is the meaning of true love. There are many more definitions of love based on different opinions and aspects.

Life is changing every moment we pass. It brings many unexpected changes in our life; we have to prepare ourselves to deal with them. It might bring very pleasurable or adverse surprises to us, it is unpredictable.

So we should learn to be always upgrading ourselves. We should not get caught up in the thoughts of past moments and its traumatic experiences. Be courageous to bear the pain and learn from it, to be stronger so that you should be ready to fight with the upcoming troubles in life.

Life is never going to stop until death. And we should live it with great courage and enthusiasm.

A broken heart is a major stressor and has been found to precipitate episodes of major depression. In one study (death of a spouse), 24% of mourners were depressed at two months, 23% at seven months, 16% at 13 months and 14% at 25 months.

Every trouble brings hidden surprise to us, which we realize after overcoming it. It makes us stronger than before and reveals our true potential. It may seem that there is no way to relieve the pain, but there is a solution to every problem.

Not getting the solution and being over-indulged in it, shows the weakness of our heart. And one who overcomes it, gives up the weakness of the heart and stands with determination to fight and overcome the pain. The solution to every problem looks blurred until we muster enough courage to overcome it.

If you look for a solution only then you will get it. Otherwise, if there exists a solution to the problem, you will not recognize it.

There is no way to control others’ thoughts and emotions, rather we can influence them. But when we think of those who have hurt us, we lose control over our mind. Our mind becomes self-driven and it only thinks about that painful moment.

And if our mind indulges in the painful moments of the past, it will affect our present and likewise our future. Forgiveness is a necessary process for your life. We should definitely acquire the quality of forgiveness.

It is said: forgiveness is a divine quality. Every person on earth makes mistakes in life, some mistakes of others make us troublesome in life. We also do mistakes that hurt others. Doing mistakes and correcting them is part of the learning process.

So if you feel unhappy because someone has hurt you, do not feel like that because it is a continuous process of learning. Changes are happening every moment of life.

So later on, we will realize that whatever hurt we have suffered in our past has some absolute reason to come into our life. Keep patience in your heart and excuse the minor offenses in life.

To learn more and more new things in life, keep a feeling of humility in your heart and remove hatred, jealousy, dishonesty from your heart. Replace all these with honesty, truthfulness, love and forgiveness.

Life will become heaven or hell depends on what we make it because it is in the control of our mind to lead our life. Mind is very flickering in nature.  And the mind can be controlled by strong determination and practice.

Forgiveness is hard to offer someone, who has hurt us. Because our anger does not allow us to do it. In anger we think to hurt that person back, and think that it will give us satisfaction, but it is not true. Revenge is never going to be a pleasing process, it will bring additional pain in our life.

Revenge will make our life bitterly sad, rather we should forgive the person, which will help in maintaining peace in our life. Forgiveness is the best revenge and it is the best healing process for any emotional wounds.

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Forgiveness is a healing process and it takes time to heal any wound. But when we decide to forgive others, it changes our lives in a positive way filled with peace and harmony. Keep an optimistic outlook for life and believe in yourself.

Take the charge of your life by being able for it, otherwise, if your mind will take it, it will ruin your life. Mind is the best friend of human beings if it is under our control. And also, it becomes our greatest enemy, if it takes control over our thoughts and emotions.

Life is a journey of timeless experiences and wisdom. We come across the connections of many people in our daily life. Also, we have to endure heartbreaking but this is not the endpoint, your journey takes a new start when you forgive those who broke your heart and remove hatred and jealousy from your mind.

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So today we will discuss the benefits of forgiveness and also we will discuss how to forgive someone who broke our heart. Forgiveness is an attribute of strong people, so we must definitely acquire it in life.

So here we are going to discuss the most effective tips on how to forgive others who broke our heart.

21+ Tips On How To Forgive Someone Who Broke Your Heart

These tips will help you know why forgiving others is beneficial for you and what role it plays in a happy life. Let’s discuss them in detail…

Make yourself free

It may sound strange to you, how we can free ourselves by forgiving others. But it is true forgiveness helps to free oneself from many unwanted and hurtful emotions. When someone breaks our heart we feel discouraged and also like we have lost the battle.

Because in such situations we do not have control over our mind. We become slaves of our mind until we forgive them. Forgiveness will help in removing the hatred, envy, poisonous thoughts from our mind and bring back our mental stability.[Wikipedia]

Forgiveness over revenge

Never think for revenge as a solution to hurt. It will bring additional pain to your life and make your mind dirty. Man thinks of revenge when he is in extreme anger and it is said that any decision taken in anger may become a curse for our life.

In relationship breakups, mourners may turn their anger over the rejection toward themselves.This can deepen their depression and cause narcissistic wounding. The process of self-attack can range from mild self-doubt to scathing self-recrimination which leaves a lasting imprint on an individual’s self-worth and causes them to doubt their lovability, personality-efficacy, and attachment worthiness going forward.

People change

We are in a process of continuous learning and mistakes are the parts of it. If someone has hurt you by mistakes or done some loss to you, you should have enough courage to forgive that person. Some mistakes can change your life and others too.

Learn to bear the pain. There is a saying: No pain no gain.

how to forgive someone who broke your heart quote

We have the power to transform ourselves, the only condition is we have to keep a learning attitude. Forgive those who have broken your heart and release yourself from the prison of hatred. Act of forgiveness can make us and others improve and will lead a happy and prosperous life.

Restart your journey

Success and failure are the parts of journey, these help us make a balance between life. Both are complementary to each other, both are important in making a great personality. Sometimes we fail in life because of some people and we feel upset for our loss and hate the other person.

By doing this we focus on our failure and lose focus on our goal. If we regain our confidence and focus, we will definitely achieve the goal, so every time we fail in life, do not stop, just restart from where your failure threw us.

Make good friends

Friendships always help in every trouble you face in life to overcome that. Good friends stand by you even in an adverse situation. They will help you overcome the pain of betrayal and hurt. They help in the realization of the worth of ourselves, they boost our confidence to look for new opportunities.

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Friendships develop a true feeling of love in our hearts and then it becomes easy for us to forgive others who had hurt us in the past. When we look at the painful act without considering our attachment to it, it becomes easy to forgive them.

Unconditional relation

Relationships require tolerance and a compromising attitude to some extend. But love is the reason for a good relationship. Unconditional love doesn’t need anything except our pure heart.

But when our love gets attached to some worldly instincts, we have some expectations from our partner. Expectation from others always brings pain and disappointments. Do not expect anything from other, forgive others for their mistakes and start exploring yourself.

Love yourself, nothing is more precious than your own wellbeing and keep your mind active and full with positivity.

Practice mindfulness

Nowadays overthinking has become a big problem in people. Without even having any problems in life, they feel depressed and helpless. This problem will ruin your happy life and it will reduce your ability to fight obstacles.

To avoid this in the practical world, practice mindfulness. It is the best solution that will make you feel alive and joyful every time. It helps to remove the feeling of hate, jealousy, and tension in our minds. Mindfulness helps to look the positivity out of an adverse situation.

Analyze yourself

When someone hurts us, we get lost in thoughts of immense pain and betrayal. We become depressed, we do more harm by our own. But to regain our stability, we have to do self-analysis.

It helps in realizing our own weaknesses, our mistakes. It shows us our part in those hurtful experiences. If you were wrong at any point, you must improve yourself.

Relationships work when there is a mutual understanding between couples. It does not matter if you have done something wrong if there exists a mutual understanding between you and your partner.

Consequences of betrayal

When your partner betrays you or cheats on you, you feel broken and get into negative bouts of doubts. You can’t change other’s feelings and opinions for yourself. You have the only control over your mind.

And our mind is the best friend of us, if it under our control, and also it can become our greatest enemy when we lose control over it. So always practice making it a good friend of yours. Do not keep feeling of hatred and revenge for someone.

Rather forgive them, whatever consequences it may bring, if your mind is in control, you will overcome any trouble in life.

Accept the reality

We have the independence to live our lives as we want. Similarly others have also this independence. We can’t impose our thoughts or decisions on anyone. They will get offended by us.

how to forgive someone who broke our heart

If someone has broken your heart, accept it. It is a bitter truth to accept, but there is no other way to relieve the pain of hurt. The Sooner you accept the reality, the sooner you will overcome it and move forward in life.

Without acknowledging the wrong that has happened to you, forgiving is a difficult task. Forgive your partner and leave them free and also free your mind from the thoughts of hurt, betrayal, hatred, etc. Time heals every wound in its own way.

Make hobby

When someone broke your heart whom you love the most, it becomes a curse for your life. But hatred or revenge is not the solution. The solution is – FORGIVENESS.

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To forgive them you must change your daily lifestyle so that it becomes easy to forgive. Make a hobby to regain your mental peace and stability. It fills our minds with positive energy and courage. It normalizes or even makes our lives better than before. Forgiveness becomes easy when you think about it with a peaceful mind.

Focus on goal

Life is not limited to an extent that we can see in our surroundings. Do not give up on some failures in your life, stop comparing yourself. Success is sure for the rigid practitioners.

So by keeping aside all the sorrow, hatred, jealousy, weaknesses focus on your goal. It is said: Slow and Steady Wins the race. Keep believing in yourself, your hard work will definitely pay you. Do not feel depressed when people leave you in the mid-way. Double your hard work and forgive your partner. Every trouble we face in life has something hidden that benefits us in achieving our goal.


Hurt causes pain and hatred and it takes some time to overcome or normalize it. Every wound can be cured with proper care and practice. Forgiveness is the best cure for overcoming mental wounds or hatred.

We can’t change people’s behavior for ourselves, but we can definitely change our attitude towards them. Some people do bad things to us for their personal profit, but always remember one thing; bad deeds never bring good results.

So you do not have to worry about others’ acts or opinions. Forgive them and focus on your personal growth. You will see they will become entrapped in their own trick. When your mind is in your control and full of positive thoughts, you will not be affected by others’ acts of hurting you.


To become a successful person in life, you have to work for self-development. It is not meant to be a selfish person, but to become a good personality to bring better changes in one’s life. Always remember: to err is human to forgive is divine.

So acquire forgiveness and offer it to all, whether their sin is tolerable or not. Because the secret of self-growth is to learn and to move forward in life. And here forgiveness plays an important role to push you on this way.

To move on in life

Moving on in life is necessary for us. If you feel stuck in any emotions of hate and envy, you have to practice moving on from such weakness of the heart. To move on, you have to forgive the other person. Without forgiveness, you can’t move on in life.

The feeling of hatred will engulf you in the ocean of hatred, envy, and misery. Taking a step for moving on will pave the way out of the trouble. Seeing a solution to every problem comes when we have a positive attitude towards life.

Exercise will help

Do regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps in keeping our body and mind fit and active. Exercise refreshes our mind and body; it helps in the healthy circulation of blood in every part of the body. A sound mind resides in a sound body and the opposite is also true.

Aerobic exercise increases the ability to overcome grudges and to forgive others, the findings of a recent study suggest.

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A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology has found evidence that some types of physical exercise can increase the likelihood of participants forgiving others for their actions and overcoming grudges.


Failure is not the end of the journey accept it as a part of the journey. Try to look at the opportunities that are awaiting you beyond failure. Failure comes in life to guide us; it helps in distinguishing between the right and wrong path.

how to forgive someone who broke your heart

When we relate failure to learning, the path of success becomes easy and joyful. When you fail in life some people may leave you in that tough time, but remember, it is not a bad thing to feel hurt, it is the time to know who is yours in the real sense.

Forgive those people who have left you or broken your heart, they are not worthy of your connection.

For a better cause

Sometimes we feel depressed when we feel hurt in life but every time it is not bad in the real sense. A sad situation does not mean making you sad. Sometimes hurt can bring a good outcome for you.

For example: When a teacher punishes us for our mistakes, their intention is not to make us sad they only want us to make corrections. They punish to brighten our future. If someone broke your heart for a better cause, do not hate them. Because when you will realize the intention of hurting you, you may love them.

To keep respect or honor

When someone does wrong to you and you feel sad and hatred for that person, it becomes difficult to forgive. Because your anger doesn’t allow you to forgive their wrong actions. But we have to definitely forgive the person because it benefits us in so many ways.

When you forgive them, you make them free respectfully and it also maintains your respectful quo in society. Forgiveness is the best revenge. But if you think to take revenge in the way they did to you, it will make a negative impact on your personality in society.

Positive thinking

Everyone views the world in different ways, everyone’s opinion regarding the world is different. Of course, every person is unique and so are their opinions. But their opinion can be changed with respect to time.

Because when our mind is stable and positive, the world seems to be a beautiful place, you feel love and compassion for every people. And when our mind is envious and negative, we feel it as hell on earth. You will hate every person around you. Hatred and jealousy will ruin your mental strength.

Both are correct

People do hard work for a happy lifestyle. It feels easy to forgive those who broke your heart when you understand the reason behind hurting you. Sometimes what feels like nectar at the beginning can become poison later on and what feels like poison, in the beginning, can become the nectar of our life.

The same concept applies in our life. When someone hurts us whom we love the most, we feel broken and discouraged. But it is not a bad thing to feel sad, because sometimes no one is wrong even when they had hurt you, because both are benefitting from this act.

So in such cases, you have to be courageous to forgive the person and feel happy.

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