21+ Reasons Why Should We Forgive Others

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Today we are going to discuss about the benefits of forgiveness in our life and some effective reasons why should we forgive others. Forgiving people is a divine quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone. And when someone cheats on us, then it becomes a horrifying problem for us.

Forgiveness is for ourselves not for others. People get confused here that if forgiveness is for ourselves, then we should only forgive our sins and not of others. But this phrase does not mean it. Here, the effect of forgiveness and its importance on our mind and in our life is discussed.

It means that the act of forgiveness is for the good of ourselves and our mind. To forgive someone, first, we must understand the reasons for it, why should we forgive. Is it that so necessary. What will happen if we do not forgive.

Whether you forgive or not, it is entirely up to you. Nobody is going to snatch it from you, it is an emotional action that needs to be done for better mental health. To keep the mind calm and relax, you should definitely forgive others or yourself.

But before that, you have to understand the reasons why forgiveness is so important. Without understanding, it can be difficult to forgive others. And the feeling of hate will act like a curse for us. If you keep this in your mind to avenge your loss, you will become unhappy day by day.

Therefore forgiveness is a process of letting go of the pains of your mind and releasing the hatred from it. Forgiveness is a healing process for our mental wounds and hurts. It takes time to relieve the pain, but the healing of the pain only starts when you forgive the person.

It is the best way to remove unwanted negative thoughts from your mind. When you choose to forgive others, you decide to live a life full of positivity, excitement, and enthusiasm. When we truly forgive others, we feel affection for them and our mind will gradually understand that our act of forgiveness was a good choice for you and the offender. This brings positive results in the future.

Keeping grudges in our head will distract us every time, we will lose our focus on our goal, and we will be depressed even by the small mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, so we must be strong enough to tackle them with full confidence and courage to overcome it.

Remove grief from your heart and stand with strong determination and work for your goal. Sometimes people may feel jealous of you, they will try to stop you from your path, but you have to ignore them and their acts.

If someone hurts you, do not think for revenge, it will hurt you even more. Always remember, forgiveness is the best revenge. Forgive them and release the anger from your mind. When they realize their mistake, they will feel sorry for that. But as you have forgiven them, they will also feel relief in their mind and feel happy for you.

Two of the best-known forgiveness researchers, Michael McCullough and Everett Worthington, are always careful to distinguish forgiveness from pardoning an offense, or forgetting about it, or opening yourself up to further abuse. In a 1997 paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, McCullough, Worthington, and Kenneth Rachal defined forgiveness primarily in terms of changes in motivation.

They wrote, “We define interpersonal forgiving as the set of motivational changes whereby one becomes (a) decreasingly motivated to retaliate against an offending relationship partner, (b) decreasingly motivated to maintain estrangement from the offender, and (c) increasingly motivated by conciliation and goodwill for the offender, despite the offender’s hurtful actions.” [ greater good magazine ]

When our mind realizes the importance of forgiveness in our life, we will always choose forgiveness instead of revenge. Revenge will add more pain to your life and forgiveness will convert all the misery, jealousy, and envy into happiness, peace, and love.

And everyone wants to live happily, peacefully and needs love to enjoy the beautiful life. But when they become engaged with the false ego, which comes from the materialistic illusion then we exaggerate to satisfy the false ego for revenge. The illusion is so powerful that it divert our focus from the important essentials of life to the unnecessary false doings that torment us.

Our mind keeps on storing all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that it experiences in daily life. If our surrounding is filled with positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings, our mind also becomes like that.

Our mind works better when it is positive and calm. And if it is in anger it will burn all the positive feelings and exaggerate you to make negative decisions. And angry decisions always bring bad consequences in the future. So to live a peaceful life, try to keep your mind positive and calm.

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Do not allow any negative feelings to enter our mind such as hate, envy, and jealousy. When our mind understands the benefits of godly qualities like forgiveness and love, it will automatically start detaching itself from the demoniac one.

God has described some divine and demoniac qualities in the Bhagavad Gita. Forgiveness is one of the divine qualities and leads us to perfection in life. The feelings of revenge and hatred make our hearts heavy with pain and jealousy. It becomes difficult to follow your goals with such a heavy heart.

It is very difficult to remove the grudges from our hearts when our eyes are filled with tears. We feel not to forgive those who have hurt us, who have made our lives hell. It seems to go against ourselves and our emotions when we think to forgive others.

But the question is, how long should we take this grudge in our hearts. It will get heavier day by day. So to prevent yourself from being buried under these false emotions, you have to muster up enough courage to take such petty feelings out of your heart and feel free.

You have to choose forgiveness for a better cause. Forgiveness is a path going upward to elevation, if you follow this path, you will be released from the condescending emotions of hate and vengeance.

Forgiveness heals all the wounds of pain. The healing process is also painful and it takes time, but it takes you out of the mud or hatred and revenge, which will drown you in negativity. Forgiveness is like the lotus flower that grows in the mud, similarly, the divine quality of forgiveness is the beautiful essence of God to make your life free from painful grudges. The decision of yours to forgive others or yourself will bring happiness in the future.

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So today we will discuss the importance of forgiveness and why it is necessary for our life. We will also discuss some effective reasons why it is important to forgive others and also what benefits we get from this.

So here we are going to discuss the most genuine reasons why should we forgive others or ourselves

21+ Reasons Why Should We Forgive Others

These tips will help you know why forgiving others is beneficial for you. Let’s discuss them in detail…

To bring mental peace

The mind is the most mysterious creation of God. It has the power to make our life beautiful as well as hell. If you learn to control your mind, you will be able to bring peace in your life. If we keep positive thoughts and feelings in it, it will become our friend otherwise it will become our greatest enemy.

If someone hurts us, our mind gets disturbed, and we lose our control over it. To regain control of our mind, we have to forgive the person. It will bring peace to our mind and simultaneously to our life.

To become divine

In Bhagavad Gita God has described some divine and demoniac qualities. The quality which leads to liberation are the divine qualities whether the ones which lead to bondage are the demoniac qualities. Forgiveness, honesty, love, truthfulness, etc. are divine qualities.

Divine quality makes our life beautiful, blissful, and peaceful. People do not enjoy life by their materialistic achievements they enjoy it by following the divine path of God.

To bring harmony

Everyone wants to live a happy and prosperous life, but life is full of unexpected surprises pleasing and unpleasing. But people always do hard work to fulfill his requirements. He does efforts to overcome the obstacles of their life. Sometimes he gets hurt by others and gets discouraged in life.

He becomes sad and envious; he feels hatred for that person. And this remains until he forgives the person and moves on. Forgiveness will remove hatred and you will be able to explore your happy and prosperous life again.

To prevent relationships

Love is the beautiful essence of God. Love is the root cause of relationships and trust, honesty are the qualities that help strengthen our bonding with our partners. We should always remember; To err is human, to forgive is divine. If your partner does any mistakes that bring pain to you, you should forgive him/her.

Because hate will destroy our relationship and if we forgive our partner, our bond becomes stronger than before. We also make mistakes and we feel sorry for that, to maintain a happy relationship with your partner, you have to forgive him/her for their mistakes and help each other in their hard time. Because the growth of any one of us will be beneficial for us.

To release resentment/grudge

We get confused sometimes as to why we are struggling to live a peaceful life, we get sad. We do not get the answer to our doubts. Whether we are doing great in life does not mean we will not get distressed at all in our life.

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Because happiness depends on the state of our mind, what we feel, and how we think. If we can change it and allow only positive things to enter our mind then we will enjoy real happiness. Release unwanted resentment and grudges from your heart to bring peace.

To focus on goals

When we do hard work to achieve our goal, there come a lot of obstacles. We get frustrated and demolished by them. But if keep patience and determination in our heart, then we will remove the obstacles and move towards our goal.

If we keep hate, envy like feelings in our hearts, then we will not fully concentrate on our goals. The feelings of hatred make us think about unnecessary things, which hold no value in our lives. If someone has hurt you, we have to forgive them and focus on the goal.

Because many people want us to become fail in life. We can’t change their opinion of us, but by forgiving them we will be more focused and definitely, we will achieve our goal.

To sustain respect

When we would achieve a prestigious place in our society, we become more responsible towards our surroundings. We get respect in our surroundings because of our nature and work. And if someone hurt us in jealousy.

We do not need to panic in such situation, because that behavior for a respectful person does not suit. You should forgive them, and not lose your temper. This behavior will maintain your respect in society. A respectful person should remain calm and do not lead by anger.

To explore yourself

Our body is the source of infinite wisdom and knowledge. We have come this far because of human imaginations and thinking power. And yet we are moving further to make the world a more convenient place for humans.

We can only explore the mysterious knowledge within ourselves when we explore our thoughts and feelings. And to explore ourselves first we have to remove all the unwanted thoughts and emotions from it and bring them to a peaceful state.

To make future profits

Time is changing every moment and life brings unpredictable changes very often. Learn to upgrade yourself and your skills. Make good connections with people and think for the growth of everyone. Because everyone wants to grow in life, and sometimes they need support for that.

We also need support sometimes, and our connections with good people will help us. Do not get envious of small nuisances in your life. Forgive the mistake and move ahead to bring a better result next time.

To live healthy

A sound mind stays in a sound body. And I think the opposite is also true. Because our mental health also affects our physical fitness. If we feel good in our mind, our physical outfit will also look healthy and fit. Negative emotions work like poison for our physical and mental health. To live happily we have to be fit physically and mentally.

To heal our wounds

When someone wrongs us, we become depressed and seek revenge from them. Our intelligence becomes overcome by hatred and despair. We feel disheartened and discouraged. We lose focus on our goals and get diverted from it.

All these feelings will make our confidence weaker and weaker. And it will make our life hellish. To overcome such negative emotions of hatred. Cultivate the quality of forgiveness in your heart.

To become strong

People may be confused as to how forgiveness is a sign of strong people. Not taking revenge, and calming down when someone hurts us, seems to be a sign of cowardice. But one who does not get distressed by the people’s criticism of him.

why should we forgive

One who tolerates the pain and transforms the anger into devotion. When you keep hatred in your heart it will deplete your heart. But when you forgive the person it removes it from the heart. It needs enough courage to forgive others, so it is said forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

To bring change

Life is so amazing. And it is changing every moment we pass. But we are still disturbed by our past mistakes and their impacts we are still suffering. If we do not change ourselves, our thoughts will hurt us. Life is another name for a change.

To explore change remove negativity from your mind, so that you can accept change and live a pleasant life. Remove envy and hatred from your heart, forgive people to feel free, and start exploring the change and experiences the beauty of life.

To give a chance

It is human nature to make a mistake. We make mistakes and learn from it and become successful. Every mistake teaches us a new lesson. Mistakes are not a pleasant thing to be happy, but while overcoming the loss we have suffered due to our mistakes, our mind learn it and avoid it from happening again.

If someone does a mistake and we do not forgive them, we are creating hurdles for their progress and at the same time, we deviate our minds towards unnecessary thoughts.

To upgrade yourself / elevate yourself

There are different levels of consciousness of mind. And our supreme purpose is to upgrade or elevate our level of consciousness to enjoy eternal bliss. The materialistic illusion is so powerful that it always put us in a temporary process of enjoyment that brings bad consequences in the future.

So to upgrade yourself you have to be aloof yourself from materialistic lust or illusion. God has described some Godly qualities that will help you in your elevation process.

To learn from mistakes

Life is a continuous learning process. There is no age limit to learn anything. Anyone can learn anything at any time in life. And if learning is a life-going process, then there is no limit to making mistakes as well. Anyone can make mistakes, no one is perfect.

Even a master can make mistakes. Mistakes are part of our learning process. It shows us the point where we need improvement and we will succeed once we get it right. If you make a lot of mistakes, don’t feel bad, do not hurt yourself. Be patient in your heart and keep doing hard work, you will definitely succeed.

To bring peace

Revenge is not the solution to any dispute. Because it is not going to end from our heart unless we enforce it to stop dwelling in our heart. Anger does not give us the right solution to any problem; rather a peaceful mind will suggest right and wrong.

To live life peacefully, practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is the only solution that will help you overcome the feeling of revenge. Living life peacefully is the best way of enjoying it. And to become peaceful, you have to engage your mind in positive actions.

To cleanse our heart

Due to hate, envy, criticism, jealousy, etc., our heart gets polluted. Our thoughts are also affected by such feelings. It will ruin the palate of life and degrade us. While living in the world we come under the influence of many thoughts and feelings; positive and negative. It is within our control to examine the quality of thoughts to enter our hearts.

What we allow in our mind, is what we get results around. And cleaning is also necessary to keep it running smoothly. And for cleansing of emotions or thoughts, we have to acquire the divine qualities of forgiveness, love, honesty, truthfulness, etc.

To avoid violence/nuisances

Violence means to not check others’ progress. If you want to achieve your goal, then you have to avoid violence and nuisances. There is anarchy everywhere in the world and people are suffering from it. But when your mind is clear about your goal, you become focused towards it to avoiding the disturbances.

Unnecessary violence is a sin, in such situations, one must choose to be a fool rather than act violence. When you have patience and kindness in your heart, you will never commit violence in life.

To bring positivity or positive results

Everything we suffer or enjoy in life comes in life because of ourselves. If we have done good work in our past, we will get positive results or happiness. And if we have incurred sin we will be punished for that. Apart from this, we also become what we think.

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So if we keep hatred in our hearts, our thoughts will also become negative and so will life. So if you want to live happily, put your mind to positive work and activities. Forgive other’s sins to get forgiveness for your own.

To forgive your sin

God has instructed us that if we want forgiveness for our sin, then we should also forgive others as well. We also make mistakes and suffer the consequences. But when we forgive the mistakes, our suffering will become a learning process, and we will never complain for it.

Some people atone for their mistakes, but atonement is not the primary solution for this, because there is no limit to how many times we will sin. Therefore convert the spirit of atonement into devotion. Devotion is the prime solution to our sins.

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