To Err Is Human To Forgive Is Divine

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Today we are going to discuss about the phrase To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Divine and we will also discuss the message this phrase delivers to us. Forgiving people is good quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone.

Who said to err is human but to forgive divine? What does it mean to err is human to forgive the divine? What is the quote to err is human? Why is forgiveness divine? we will discuss all this in details.

“ To Err Is Human To Forgive Is Divine. ”

This quote is from “An Essay On Criticism” by Alexander Pope.

Man is the best creature of God on the earth. He is superior to all the creatures on earth. There are many species of birds, animals, insects, trees, etc., but they do not have the power of thinking. Humans have the power to think and create.

History has led to many inventions with the help of the power of human imagination and its action. Even now, we have invented many advanced technologies to make life easier and easier.

If we look at the power of humans from another point of view, we will also see many destructive inventions of humans. Humans are the only ones, who are responsible for the well-being of the earth. Only humans are disturbing the balance of nature. No, any animals, birds, or trees are disturbing the well-being of the earth. Many of our inventions are against the benefit of the earth.

We have also put many species into endangered species. From where we will get the forgiveness of all our evil deeds. On one side of the earth, we are practicing to make it as beautiful as heaven. But we are ignoring the damage done to nature.

Development should not be accepted at the cost of loss of nature. When nature will vanish, no materialistic invention can save us from its crisis.

Humans are always making artificial changes in this world, they are trying to make life comfortable but they are getting more entangled with the fuss of materialistic things. They forgot the real enjoyment of life that can be attained by the nature around us.

The mind is the place of the reservoir of all happiness and bliss. If our mind is not under our control, then it gets entangled with materialistic pleasure which includes lust, anger, and greed. But if our mind knows the eternal self, it becomes entangled with the real joy of life.

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Humans are free to do whatever they want in their life, by following certain rules and regulations. But if a person has done bad things, then to whom will he apologize. God has taught us to forgive sin. Not forgiving is also a sin. Therefore, accept the godly nature and always forgive sins.

Human behavior is to make mistakes. And mistakes are signs of your doing actions. The more you act,  the more mistakes you make. Mistakes should not be taken as a negative part, it helps us to improve more and more. Mistakes tell us the distinctions between right and wrong. If a person doesn’t make mistakes in life, you will see that the person is not growing in his life

Development does not happen without mistakes. Mistakes always depress us for a short interval of time. But when we fix it and again do the action we will get the results and it will make us happy. Mistakes can sometimes cause you great harm, but when you forgive yourself and practice again you will get better results than before.

Forgiveness and mistakes are collectively make a person active and successful. As you make mistakes, take the lessons from it and forgive; and put yourself to correct them, to get better results next time. Forgiveness is a divine quality, we must acquire it.

To Err Is Human To Forgive Is Divine | Sahilsharmablogs

Life without family and friends is like a tree without fruits and flowers. If there is no love and harmony in life, life would be monotonous. If we really want to enjoy life, we need to learn to forgive others for their mistakes so that we can live with harmony and joy.

To Err Is Human To Forgive Is Divine Explanation

In life, relationships are very precious, but we find that due to lack of proper understanding of it, we spoil the relationship for very small reasons and miss the happiness of life that comes from its sustenance. Relationships should be nurtured at all costs. No human being is perfect on this planet. To commit mistakes is human nature.

Because he doesn’t know what he is doing. Spread love to the world. Love is the best way to live a happy life. Love gives us the courage to accept the change and adapt ourselves.

People are constantly working to live life, what is right for you may be wrong for the other person, it all depends on the perspective of looking at the act. Never entangled with the crisis of right and wrong. Do what is prescribed for you, don’t look for the results.

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In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, doing work is in your hands, but do not think about the results. Results are not in your hands, do what is meant for you and leave the results in the hands of the supreme lord.

People may ask why should they forgive others’ sins. There is a beautiful answer given by God; if you want forgiveness for your sins, then you should also forgive others. If you do not forgive others, the almighty God will not forgive you.

Punishments are just to make others realize their mistakes and then you should forgive them. There is no benefit of keeping the feeling of hatred for others in your mind, it will make you depressed. No one would like to associate with a person, who always feels morose and keep anger in their heart.

Life is a continuous process of change and accommodation. Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, accept the favorable and reject the unfavorable, means that which is favorable for your mind, which helps you in achieving your supreme goal in life, you should definitely accept that.

Similarly, reject what is unfavorable to your growth in life. There is no benefit to clinging to useless thoughts and feelings, they only make you depressed, and over time, this emotion will become a curse for you. Feelings like hate, jealousy, dishonesty should be rejected.

People find it difficult to forgive others and not everyone has enough courage to forgive their enemy. There is no doubt in accepting that forgiving is a difficult process, but it is very important for oneself to do it. To acquire the ability to forgive others, you have to practice forgiveness.

Try to forgive people for small mistakes and love them in return. It helps not only in acquiring forgiveness but also sweetens the process. People will be very happy for this act of forgiveness and you will gain respect in their hearts.

People will forget what you did to them, they will forget what they have been told, but people will never forget what you make them feel. Feeling live in our hearts forever and this made an image of that person based on that feeling and their behavior.

quotes related to forgiveness

Forgiveness is a divine virtue and it is difficult to acquire. It mainly connects with peace, contentment, harmony, etc. so now you will understand how it can make your life better than before. On the other hand, avenge associates with hatred, jealousy, depression, etc. it all works like poison for our brain.

If we want to make our life happy and peaceful then we should make our mind positive. The mind can be our best friend and it will also be our worst enemy, it depends on how much we have control over our mind.

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The more we can control our mind, the more happiness we will feel in our surroundings. And, if we do not control it, we will become slaves of our mind and we will follow all the commands of the mind.

Surround yourself with positivity. Engage with people who think positively and have an optimistic vision for life, they will gradually elevate you with themselves to a higher level of consciousness. It takes time and practice to acquire any quality.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Forgive Others?

Our mind can save memory with good and bad feelings. A good memory can make you happy whenever you remind it. Similarly, bad memory can make you depress whenever you remind that. And when you remind that negative memory, you imagine yourself to be in that situation again and feel the pain.

This will often happen when you are reminded of that situation. And every time it will make you sad for false reasons. Whatever happened in your past is not going to affect your future. You should not be so weak as to get trapped in such negative thoughts.

When we do not forgive people, we develop more and more hatred in our hearts and live a miserable life. We become a victim of our false illusory ego, which means only to delude us. By not forgiving, we lose our mind control and peace.

Not forgiving the offender is like punishing ourselves for their mistakes. We feel continuous pain and misery by keeping the grudges in our heads. Forgiveness may or may not affect the offender, but it gives relieves your pain definitely.

We have to keep a soft heart for ourselves and have to forgive our mistakes. God wants us to follow His path of forgiveness. He accepts us with all our sins and forgives us. He treats every individual as the same. Everyone is eternally pure and equal.

Being a victim of hatred, jealousy and dishonesty will make you not forgive others. Such feelings creates more negative feelings associated with them and bring much more trouble to you. It impures our thoughts and actions. It imbalances our mental stability and focus.

Gather enough courage to give the petty weakness of heart and stand with a powerful mind attitude and forgive the people who wronged you. Never allow anyone to control your emotions they will use it for their benefit and leave you after their need is fulfilled.

Forgiveness Is A Divine Duality. Why?

Have you ever felt that why forgiveness is a divine quality and why we should acquire it? God has described many times in his holy scriptures about the importance of forgiveness in our life. Jesus sacrificed his life and forgiven those who had hanged him on the cross. In all the religious texts, God has given a message to forgive yourself and others.

The person who does injustice to you is not a wise man; he is committing sin in the mode of ignorance. Ignorance covers the layer of our knowledge with lustful instincts. And provoke him to incur sin. Humans are all same eternally; the only difference that makes them distinct from others is their thinking and their beliefs.

We do mistakes over and over in our life and get frustrated with our failures. We start hating ourself and a feeling of self-doubt arises in our mind. Those who know the real eternal self can only possess such divine qualities.

One who understands the real self and the eternal resources of bliss, never gets entangled with materialistic pleasure. He will forgive other’s sins and keep his mind free from such hatred feelings. He knows about the materialistic pleasure and joy that they do not stay for a longer time.

Such hatred feelings are of no use, it only shows the weakness of our mind. If you cannot forgive other’s sins then you are a weak person. You will face many such obstacles, if you can’t forgive others, then your life will become hell for you.

Forgiveness is the attribute of strong people. It shows the mental strength of strong people. They forgive and forget others’ sins to keep their mind focused. But they never forget the lesson that it had taught them. They always keep their mind focus on what is important in their life.

forgiveness quote

The more you upgrade yourself, you will understand the importance of forgiveness in your life. You will be more concerned with the things that are adding value to your life. You become able to distinguish between the real and the illusion. You would love to be real.

Forgiving and forgetting are not too difficult for us. The difficulty is to understand the need for forgiveness, we do not convince ourselves to forgive others. We insist on revenge. We forget the meaning of the phrase: forgiveness is the best revenge.

We have the power to forgive and diminish the intensity of any emotions in our mind. But we do not allow our mind to do this, our ego does not allow us to forgive others. Our ego gets hurt for the negative things, which is not good for our mind and health also.

We forget the need for forgiveness and react to revenge. Revenge is not the solution to any mistake. If you take it, it will intensify the feeling of hatred in our mind and will bring misery in the future. It allows all the negative emotions associated with hatred to remain in our mind and ruin our peace and happiness.

The quote: To err is human to forgive is divine; clearly distinguish the quality of a human’s nature and godly nature’s quality.

Forgiveness will not make you a divine personality, but it will definitely make your thoughts, feelings and emotions divine and that will make you a divine personality. There are many people who will criticize you for improving and maintaining your false prestige in society.

But if you have the ability to distinguish what is good and bad for you, then you will not care about the false arrogance and reputation that takes you on a destructive path. Anger is a temporary feeling but it can create a permanent wound in our life.

The way to live a happy life is to control your emotions and not take mistakes seriously. Mistakes are not bad things to avoid. They are the parts of our life, without mistakes the growth of our life is not possible. Firstly, you should believe in yourself that the loss that has been happened due to the mistakes, you will definitely fulfill it.

If you’re confident about your abilities, it will be easier for you to forgive yourself and others. Self-confidence helps us find our abilities and make us courageous to do whatever is good for our life. Develop the qualities that make your life happier and bring positivity around yourself.

If your surrounding is positive, your mind becomes positive. And eventually, the negativity diminishes in your life, and joy will come in your life. To make yourself happy, spread happiness and positivity in your surroundings. There is no person who can bring happiness to you until your mind creates it on its own.

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