Forgiveness Is An Attribute Of The Strong [Explanation]

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Today we are going to discuss about the phrase Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong and we will also discuss the message this phrase delivers to us. Forgiving people is good quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone. How can one gather enough courage to forgive others?

Why forgiveness is an attribute of the strong? Why is forgiveness considered a divine quality? Are people emotionally weak that they not forgive others?

Life starts with the birth of a child and then gradually the growth starts and continues till old age and then to death and again the same process happens and the cycle repeats. During our lifetime we go through many experiences, feelings, and emotions.

Life is a journey of joy and sorrow, failure and success, ups and downs, and it continues till death. Except all these, life is a continuous process of learning. At every stage of life, people learn something.

To understand why forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. First of all, we have to understand the importance of forgiveness in our life and how it changes our life. People are so busy in their lives that they ignore small moments of happiness, but get distressed by small trouble in their life.

The reason for this is our surroundings and our lifestyle. We are so entangled with the materialistic illusion, that we make goals based on them. We make goals like I want this car, I want to buy that building, I want that girl, etc. are they worth important than our happiness.

Do we get happiness from such things? These things can only make our life more comfortable and nothing else. Money is not an absolute reason for happiness and poor life is also not a reason for being sad.

Happiness and miseries are not connected with materialistic illusions. They are our state of mind. Our nuisances make us troublesome and envious about what is not worthy.

forgiveness divine quality quote

If we do not understand our power of the mind and continue to distressed by such troubles, we will deviate from the supreme goal of life. The supreme goal of life is to understand the true eternal self and to perform its prescribed duty for the welfare of the living entities.

When we are in trouble we seek support from our loved ones like friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. but if they are not available at that moment to help you, negative emotions arise in your mind. Hatred, jealousy, anger, greed, and revenge all start arising in your mind.

You will forget all the beautiful memories and positive aspects of people and only think of negativity. If you keep such feelings in your mind, you will also start hating yourself. Negativing thoughts deplete ourselves from within. And at this time, you will suffer immense grief or sorrow for that, which is not sure, or is just a fantasy, or negative energy that you constantly accelerate by thinking the same.

One who suffers from a feeling of hatred, jealousy, criticism loses his mental stability. He finds the negativity even in the positives. His vision becomes blurred. He loses control over his mind and gets driven by the thoughts and decisions of others.

He loses the ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong thing. Wrath is a burning emotion, that burns all the positivity out of your mind. Every decision taken in anger seems right but that decision later becomes a curse. You will feel regret for that decision.

Anger makes you weak. And you will become an amusement for the people. People will use your anger to fufill their condition. They will use your anger for their own benefit or affiction. People who encourage your anger are the biggest enemy of you. They will enjoy ruining your life.

Great people always serve the path of love and forgiveness. Mahatma Gandhi chose love and forgiveness as a weapon to fight life woes. He gave us the mantra: the weak cannot forgive, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. He always follows the path of peace and non-violence.

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He had forgiven his enemy and had given them love in return. He never expressed hatred for others. This divine quality had made him a great leader and an attractive personality.

Mental strength plays a vital role in the well-being of our lives. If we have a good mind and are focused towards our life goals, then we will be strong enough to ignore the small nuisances in our life. Positive emotions make us more productive and strong.

It purifies our eternal self and develops godly qualities. Similarly, hatred, revenge, jealousy, distress, etc are the negative feelings that make your life like hell. It makes us mentally weak and we will lose our focus towards our goal. As it covers our mind, gradually it starts to affect our physical existence as well.

Forgiveness is the quality of strong because one needs enough courage to forgive someone. People usually think to avenge their loss and trouble themselves more. Rather a person who understands the power of forgiveness in life will forgive them and remove the feelings of hatred from his heart.

This act of forgiveness will make him focused and peaceful. He will become stronger and he will feel more content than revenge. Revenge will not give you satisfaction, it makes the feeling of hatred permanent stay in our brain.

Whenever you are reminded of that pain, you will feel the pain and still hate him. It gradually deteriorates yourself and your mind power. It will ruin all the positive vision of you for yourself. You will lean more towards negativity.

Weak can never forgive, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

To err is human to forgive is divine, it is the nature of human beings to do mistakes. But he who understands the reason for mistakes and corrects himself will only progress in life. Otherwise, if he feels sad and disappointed about his loss then he will not move forward in life.

He will start hating himself. He will consider himself a loser of life and will become a slave to others. Even he has the power to recreate himself and bring the better results that he wants, but his mind will not allow him to do it.

The thoughts of hatred and failure make him so weak to try again. If you do not love yourself, people will not love you either. People will only use yourself for their benefit. By doing this with yourself you will become mentally blind, that you do not see your strength. You only think about your weaknessess.

To protect yourself from the negative effects of hatred you have to keep yourself aloof from the negativity surrounding you. You have to listen to your mind. You must find the reason for your failure and practice to improve that.

Strong people always work to improve themselves. They do not get envy when someone tries to hurt them, they stay neutral to all such negative feelings. They do not get entangled with the dualities of material world.

It can only happen if you put your mind to look the positives around. For every problem in life, there exists a solution. Similarly to remove the feeling of hatred for yourself, first of all, you should forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made in the past.

Love yourself, everyone is unique in their own way. Gradually you will clear all the negative thoughts of your brain and become peaceful. It is in our hands to chose the path which is beneficial for us. But still, we suffer bad times in life, because our mind always inclined towards instant pleasure. And the pleasure which feels nectar in beginning can be poison for ourselves.

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If someone hurts me, and if I hurt them back; is it right? Definitely not. An eye for ane will make the world blind. Before you go for revenge, first you should think about the person why he had done wrong to you. If you can understand the reason for it, it will be easy for you to forgive and forget.

If a person does bad things he is not wrong; eternally he is similar to us. Only his actions are wrong and he is doing it because of this polluted mind. Therefore, we should forgive him, if we want forgiveness for our mistakes.

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God forgives only those who forgive themselves and others. The bad deed of any person can be corrected, so there is no use of hating anyone for their past deeds. If he wishes to change himself, then definitely we should forgive him.

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People who have achieved a lot of success in their lives, they also went through many troubles in their life. Success is not an overnight achievement. You have to finalize your efforts.

You will go through many failures before you succeed, and if your mind is not strong enough to easily overcome the effects of failures, you will be lost in the midway of your success. And the feeling of remorse will become a curse for you.

It becomes difficult to overcome the feeling of failure. The obstacles that come in our life do not come to make us sad, rather they come to make us stronger, to tell us the right path.

They seem to become a hurdle in our way, but indirectly they are pushing us towards our goal. There are many problems around us and the only place we can find a solution for all is our mind. But people get disappointed, not getting the solution.

The reason they do not get the solution is they do not dive until the depth of the mind. Ones who are determined enough to get the solution, will go till the end and find that, they become successful. Here the process of diving into the obstacle makes you stronger to reach the depth, where you will get the solution and be successful.

The weak will give up in the way. You have to develop a desire to recreate yourself, take out all the negativity from your heart, and gather enough courage to stand out in the midst of obstacles.

Failures and successes are related to you. If you fail or succeed, the results will only affect you the most. As you enjoy being successful and become confident. And when you fail, you will fall into self-doubt and lose your confidence, you feel hatred for yourself.

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Failures are not so effective when you learn and overcome them. They become worse when they negatively impact our brains. This kind of feeling makes us hate ourselves and we lose the courage to try again.

You don’t have to distress by the feelings of hatred because results are not in our hands, you can only give your best. If you become fail, find your mistakes; correct them, and you will become successful. But the strength and courage to overcome the feeling of hatred will come when you are mentally strong.

In Bhagavad Gita, krsna said that Arjuna, renounce this petty weakness of the heart and stand up with great courage to fight in the battle. He says that this weakness of the heart does not suit you, it is not your true self. How have these impurities come to you ?

Read books that will help make your mind positive and fearless. A coward is not going to forgive others, he will only find the ways to hurt back the person. But, you are not a coward, you are the son of God. You have the divine qualities of forgiveness and love in your heart.

When you forgive people, your mind becomes free. You become a broad-minded person. You will not be influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others for yourself,  because you know that people’s thoughts change over time.

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You keep focusing on your self-growth. For you, your own growth is more important than anything. For this reason, you keep your mind positive and do not allow negativity to enter. You do not hate people if they hurt you, you forgive them and move forward in life.

Because you know that forgiveness is the best revenge to be taken, which is beneficial for you and the other person. The courage to forgive someone comes when you understand its value. Confident people can forgive easily because they believe that they will overcome the loss. He does not get affected by others criticism.

God has instructed in favor of forgiveness. The person who forgives others God will forgive his sins. By forgiving others he makes lesser troubles in his life. And people will also don’t criticize him because their practice to hurt him, is of no use.

Your mind is so trained that it only think about the ways to achieve your goal. And such people will definitely achieve their goal. If you do not forgive others, your heart will become heavier and heavier because there are many troubles in life that came and many will come in the future.

If you keep the grudges in your heart how will you move ahead in life? So to keep your mind lite weighted, learn to forgive others. The person who hurt you has nothing to deal with your pain, the pain will only be assaulted to you. And forgiveness is the process of healing the pain.

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