21+ Ways for seeking Forgiveness for your mistake

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Today we are going to discuss the importance of forgiveness in our life and will also discuss the ways to apologize to others. Forgiving people is good quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone.

Accepting your mistakes is a good quality. But asking for forgiveness whom you hurt is also very important. There is no sense in admitting your mistake after hurting them without an apology. The person whom you hurt also feels disgusted about yourself until you apologize to him.  He may hate you even after you ask, but your mind will not be aroused by negative thoughts.

Seeking forgiveness for your mistakes helps you move forward in life. It helps to remove the feeling of regret from your mind. It develops a feeling of affection between you and the other person. You will only seek forgiveness when you feel how wrong you have done to others and feel the loss that it has caused. You will apologize only after understanding their loss.

Forgiveness is a give-and-take process. If you can’t forgive someone you are unable to receive it and the opposite is also true. Seeking forgiveness from others comes naturally when you feel your mistake, but asking for forgiveness needs enough courage.

It is difficult for you to ask that person to forgive you because you think about the consequences if he/she doesn’t forgive you. The fear of consequences will reduce your level of courage to apologize.

The feeling of guilt makes us more sad until we get it out of our mind, and asking for forgiveness is the best way to do that. When we apologize, we tell him/her that we are sorry for the mistake that we made and will try not to repeat it in the future.

The progress of life stops until we forgive others and even ourselves. The feeling of hatred comes to our mind again and again and it makes us anxious and unbalances our mind. When we go for forgiveness we go one step further in our lives.

We may or may not get forgiveness, but by apologizing we may have some sympathy for ourselves after hurting others. We feel that we have done wrong to them and we are truly guilty for that and we are seeking forgiveness from them.

How to forgive someone | Sahilsharmablogs | Sadhguru – on forgiveness

To apologize we have to put our ego aside and forget the age level. Forgiveness is for everyone, as we all feel hurt we also ought to forgive others. There is no hesitation in apologizing because it doesn’t make you inferior to others,  rather it upgrades your mind to a higher level of consciousness.

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The person whom you hurt also feels less negative when you apologize to him. Your mind doesn’t work or concentrates as long as you keep the feeling of guilt in it. It will disturb you until you talk to someone about your mistake.

So here we are going to discuss the most effective ways to apologize for your mistakes.

Best Practical Ways To Apologize

These reasons will help you know your odds of forgiving someone. Let’s discuss them in details…

Accept it

To err is human, to forgive is divine

It is not a bad thing to do a mistake. You don’t have to depress by mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes in their life. Or he who doesn’t make a mistake is not living a life, he is like a dead person. It is natural to make mistakes, if you’ve done something that can hurt someone or harm them, then accept that it is your mistake. Never argue to make yourself right when you know it’s your fault.

Pledge or vow

Making a mistake is not bad but, repeating it.

Practice makes us proficient in any skill but practice involves mistakes. When we are not good at something, we often make mistakes: we practice to improve that habit. I cannot say that after acquiring knowledge, you will not make mistakes because no one is perfect, mistakes can also be made by a master.

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But do not try to repeat the same mistake again. Failures in life come to show us our mistakes, this is the only thing failure teaches us. Next time, you will have to work to rectify your mistake in order to overcome failure and succeed. But never repeat the same mistake again. Making the same mistake again will show you that you are a silly character.


Change is the another name of life.  We are changing every moment. We sometimes do not notice the change but it brings a big impact in our life. Small habits bring the biggest change in life. Get into the habit of changing yourself with changes in the surroundings.

Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone to make yourself better than you were before. Learn from your past mistakes and improve yourself. Your mistake will only be worth forgiving when you learn from your mistakes and make further improvements in life.


Be honest in life and tell others to apply this mantra in their life.

Honest is the best Policy

One who understands the above quote will remain calm by the nuisances around him. He doesn’t care what others will think and react to him, he only thinks about what he did by being honest. When you stay honest and someone suffers loss in their life that doesn’t mean that you should become sad. In such situations, you will not have to feel disgusted about their loss.

If sometimes you’ve hurt someone by any mistake. Honesty helps you overcome your fear of apologizing.

Push yourself/ Encourage

A depressed person doesn’t have enough courage to give or to ask for forgiveness. Life without courage is like a vehicle with no air in its tires. You don’t enjoy your life at all.

Achieving perfection doesn’t give us satisfaction, rather, living life happily with enough courage to fight adversity makes life beautiful. By making mistakes we doubt ourselves, we lose our confidence and courage to take action.

If a mistake has been made or someone has been hurt, do not go into self-doubt, rather go for forgiveness. If the other person feels that you are seeking forgiveness from him/her, then their opinion may change about you and they will forgive you.


Humility is an attractive quality that you should possess. Putting your ego aside and engaging with people in a very humble way, will attract people towards yourself. If you’re humble in nature, you will not feel much difficulty in apologizing. You always look around the world as it is. Your thoughts are always positive and mind is calm.

Know the WHY

The very first question is when you find it difficult to apologize, you clearly do not know the reason why you are apologizing. We know our mistakes and our friends or people tell us that we have to apologize for many reasons that come to their mind.

But by listening to them all and thinking about all the aspects they suggest you become more confused and depressed. To know the reason why you are seeking forgiveness lies in you, when you dig inside your thoughts deeper and deeper your doubt to why you should ask for forgiveness gets cleared.

Talk to person

As we talk to someone about our wounds, feelings of despair and distress diminish. Also, if you have hurt someone don’t go away from them. If you feel disgusted about your mistake; stay with them; don’t bother them, wait for the appropriate time to say sorry.

Listen to their disappointment and have faith in their crisis. Try to talk with the person , the more you talk with that person their anger gets out of them, but carefully, don’t make them more angry. After sometime they will be normal and will forgive you.

Don’t expect / uncondition

I must remember you again that forgiveness is not for others, it is for oneself. Saying sorry is the easiest way to apologize. You have control only over your emotions and thoughts. You only apologize for peace of mind and don’t expect anything.

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To give or not to forgive is entirely in the hands of the other person. You apologize for taking back control of your mind, otherwise your mind will be controlled by the negative thoughts and emotions.

Bear their Anger

If the person you have hurt is frustrated and showing his anger on yourself, then keep silence and bear it. You have to tolerate their anger because you have done wrong to them. You will have to tolerate their anger until and unless they forgive you, but they may only forgive you when you apologize to them.

Since childhood, we have been learning new things every day, and each day we go to learn something new we make mistakes in the beginning. In schools, our teachers punish us to make us correct and improve ourselves. Similarly in life, if you have done something wrong to someone, then learn to tolerate their anger and try to take it as a lesson of not repeating the same mistake again.

Understand the situation/ Time

Critical situations are very sensitive. You should be very attentive while speaking and doing something in critical times. Mistakes also bring adverse situations in life but as a universal truth time goes on changing our surroundings.

No any situation is permanent all will be change. Be optimist and ask for forgiveness, if the ither person is comfortable, he may surely forgive you at every time.


People with an arrogant mindset never succumb to their mistakes. Forgiveness is not received by keeping ego in your mind. To receive true forgiveness, you have to remove the false ego from your mind, only then you will apologize and get it.

Be responsible

Our life had grown from childhood to adolescence and to old age. The experience of life teaches us that no adverse situation is big enough to make us become sad and depressed forever. We have lived a life as a responsible person.

In the corporate world or in every field people are working to fulfil their responsibility they have given. One who is not able to fulfill his responsibility is not strong enogh to bear the hardships of life.

Know the need

Why are you seeking forgiveness from others? What will happen if you don’t apologize. Do you know the exact reason for seeking forgiveness for your mistakes?

The absolute reason we are seeking forgiveness is for ourselves. Your mistakes has hurt someone and they are already suffering from despair and distress. But the feeling of remorse will also bother you. Unless you go and ask for forgiveness you will not feel happy and peacefully.

Write your apology

It is sometimes difficult to face the person you hurt because you can feel the fear after your mistake. The feeling of guilt will not allow you to gain the confidence to face them. Write your apologies to them clearly and effectively. Put your emotions of regret and guilt in the words to make them feel you really had enriched with the regret.

Reveal the reason why to wronged them

Explaining the exact reason why you did wrong to them helps them understand your intention behind hurting them. It helps clear your mind with all the disturbing thoughts. It helps in building a good understanding between you and the other person. The other person may not mind and forgive you after knowing the exact reason.

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Demonstrate empathy

Empathy for the person whom you hurt will help not breaking your bonding with them. If you have mistreated them feel sorry and have a feeling of sympathy for their loss then it will rekindle their relationship with you and sweeten it.


When you put yourself in their shoes only then you can understand their loss and their feelings of despair. After understanding their loss truly you will ask for forgiveness.


Loss and gain are the law of life. Every time we lose something, at the same time we gain something also. It is unpredictable what is going to come ahead in the future, we are always planning to get maximum benefits, but unfortunately we don’t only get profit in life.

For every achievement, you have to sacrifice a lot. Similarly, if someone loses something due to your, try to make up for their loss. In this way, their anger for yourself subsides.

Keep patient

The scars of wounds don’t go early, it takes time to remove the scar. Likewise, wounds  given to someone take time to heal. If you have apologized and they don’t consider it, keep trying. Because sometimes until the wounds get recover people doesn’t forgive you. Keep patient and hope in yur heart, but never expect it.


Trust is the most expensive thing you can earn in life. it takes a whole life to earn trust and unfortunately even a single mistake can break it. And after breaking it, it will not be connected pure as the previous connection. If you’ve broken someone’s trust then go to ask for forgiveness, if they trust you they will surely forgive you otherwise you will have to earn their trust again and then you will be forgiven.

Promise not to repeat

Practice never repeating the mistakes that hurt others. People will not forgive you all the time. Rather you can change your habit to not do it again.

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