21+ Reasons Why It's Important To Forgive But Don't Forget

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Today we are going to discuss the importance to forgive and forget in our lives and will also discuss the reasons why you should forgive but don’t forget in your life. Forgiving people is good quality but practically it is difficult to forgive anyone.

People always prepare themselves to make lesser troubles in their life. They do whatever they can to create a happy and peaceful life. But while living in a society, we have to make connections with many people, from different cultures and lifestyles.

We adjust ourselves to live in all kinds of circumstances. But we cannot become absolutely away from the nuisance in the surroundings. While living in the society we come across many experiences. With some people, our bonding becomes stronger and with others, we keep a distance to stay happy.

Also, some people may stay away from us, because we are also not perfect. Every person has some good and bad qualities. Our mind works as our thoughts and values. If our mind is positive, then we spread love in our surroundings.

And negativity makes us spread hatred in our surroundings. While living in the society we come across many bad customs and evil things. We come across many troubles in our daily life, but a person who balances between their emotions can live a stable life.

We feel more sad when somebody wrongs us, we feel morose and resentful. We think to hurt them back, but it is not a good decision. Taking revenge for someone’s mistake does not make us right. We will also become wrong like the other person.

We have to muster up enough courage to forgive him. Forgiveness is the best revenge. When you forgive him with your heart, your mind becomes relax and stable. Keeping the feeling of hatred in your heart will make your heart heavier and morose.

You can not change the other person’s habits or lifestyle, but you can definitely do it for yourself. Focus on yourself to move ahead by forgiving other’s sins. Keep your mind away from the feelings of resentment and reconciliation.

Every mistake teaches us lessons whether it is ours or others. Keep your mind attentive to find the teachings from mistakes. Always learn from your mistakes to improve yourself. Mistakes are the best way to show us our weaknesses and strengths.

Forgive the person who has done injustice to you but do not forget their mistakes. By forgiving, you remove the overwhelming feeling of hate from your heart but you should also learn the lesson that their mistake taught you. Always keep in your mind that, forgiveness is not for others, it is for our own benefit.

You do it to clear your heart from the feeling of resentment and reconciliation. By saying forgive and forget, I mean to forgive the person and forget their mistakes but always keep the learning you sensed in your mind.

Because every time you face such situations in life, you should not have to become sad and obsessed with negativity. Practice forgiving others, and ignoring their mistakes. Living life too seriously is also a reason for so many crises in our life. Be serious about your life goals and what is important for you is what is essential for a happy life. And ignore all other faults in your context.

Forgiving and forgetting will make our relationships stronger. By forgiving your partner you will show your true love for them and by forgetting their mistakes you will create lesser troubles between you and your partner.

In some conditions, it becomes difficult to forget their act that had hurt us greatly, yet you have to forgive them. Forgiveness is a must to do for a healthy mind. if you forget their mistakes they will also forget how badly they had hurt you and they will feel independent to do freely anything against you.

Forgetting is not Forgiving – Sadhguru |Sahilsharmablogs

Sometimes forgiveness reflects our weakness, but it’s not that like that. Forgiveness and punishment are both important. People may not forgive you from their heart but they just say that they had forgiven you, they keep resent in their heart and become emptied day by day.

Some people may really forgive you, but they will punish you to teach you righteousness. Also, some people may forgive you and forget your mistakes because they do not want troubles in their life. They just ignore the unnecessary troubles in their life. Forgive and forget their mistakes. But in some cases, you should forgive them but don’t forget their mistakes.

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So here we are going to discuss the most genuine reasons why we should forgive but don’t forget

Reasons Why Forgive But Don’t Forget

These reasons will help you know why should forgive people but don’t forget them. Let’s discuss them in detail…

To move forward

Grudges are the hurdles in the path of success. They slow down your process of growth. They make up the mind to see only the negativity around yourself. If you keep grudges in your mind then you will be delayed in your success. Remove the grievance from your heart and do not allow such nuisances to enter into your mind.

To improve yourself

Whenever you feel hurt by others, you hate them until they apologize to you. And if they do not apologize to you, your anger increases. But you can’t do anything that they pardon you, but you can do change yourself.

So that in the future if they hurt you again you will not be worried about it. You should learn to improve yourself by every negative incident that happened in your life. You should have full control over your mind and body, and you have to use that for your well-being.

To be safe in future

If someone hurt you and don’t felt sorry for that, you should not expect that to happen. What you can do otherwise is you should keep yourself safe from such people. He will definitely suffer because it’s the law of nature.

forgive but don't forget quote

What we give to universe, it comes to us again. So don’t think to hurt them back, he will be punished for his mistakes. You should kept that learning in your mind, and be safe  yourself for future troubles.

Learn from it

Learning is a lifetime process. It start from our birth and continues to death. One who does not learn from life, will degrade himself. People who learn from every situation move towards higher success in life.

Learning is a process of self improvement, the more you learn something the more you grow in life. There may be problems in your life,  you will overcome that if you keep an optimistic vision for life and will be ruined if you think pessimistically.

Make others improve

People often make mistakes in everyday life. it is a part of the learning process. You have to also learn to forgive people, for their mistakes. Because no one is perfect and mistakes can happen by anyone. So you should forgive them.

God says, forgive others if you want forgiveness for your sins. If someone feels guilty after hurting you, you should definitely forgive them. It helps them in improving and also benefits for your growth

To warn them

Forgive but don’t forget mistakes to make them realize what pain you’re suffering from. Definitely, you must forgive but make them warn about your loss and make them realize that it should not be tolerated if such mistakes happen again.

Warning others for their mistakes will make them realize their mistakes and they will practice to avoid it in the future. It is not a bad thing to warn someone, because if they do not realize what loss they had made to others, how will they rectify them.

Not repeat again

Doing mistakes and learning from it is a good habit, but if you repeat the same mistakes, it will bring the worst outcome. People will often hurt you to distract you, but you should have firm control on your mind such that you can avoid them and focus on your work.

It will be easy to forgive their mistakes, but you should keep in your mind what they did to you so that you will be prepared in the future. Learn to understand people’s behavior and act accordingly.

To improve yourself

If you want to live a peaceful life, you have to learn to confront the nuisances in your surrounding. You should have to learn to overcome that. Every time you face such troubles in your life, always look for its solution.

In this way, every trouble will become a part of your growth. When you start your troubles to make you improve, you will attain the peace that you need to live a happy life.

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The feeling of regret will make our life abstracted. Some feelings hurt us as we remember that. And the people who had made us felt that may have forgotten their mistake and move on in life. But, we are so distracted by that incident that we don’t come across that injury.

forgive but don't forget quote

So to avoid such distress in your life you should be prepared to avoid such people in life. You should forgive them, it will help you overcome the feeling of regret.

Identify people

In the journey of life, you have to come in contact with different types of people. People with good morals values and beliefs will help you in your growth. And negative people will discourage you, they want that you should become like that.

If you have the ability to identify people’s nature and mindset, you will be on the safe side. Our mind decides what we have to do, if our mind is in control and positive, we will never be bewildered by negative people.


Everyone makes mistakes in life, you may also have hurt someone that had made them intense pain. So remember that it is our part of life and we should adapt ourselves to become habitual of such feelings. And sometimes some mistakes bring us new opportunities to improve ourselves. Every problem that comes into our life has definitely a solution, so keep your mind focused to look positively searching the solution of problems.


Lust is the greatest enemy of humans, when you understand its effect in our life you will know its dark effect also. Lust is something that is never going to be satisfied. It just gives us instant pleasure and deludes us in the long run.

It creates an unrealistic urgency so that we go to its satisfaction and lose our focus. To avoid such distractions in life you must acquire detachment. Similarly, to avoid people’s criticism and their practice hurting you, you should detach yourself from such people.

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You can’t change others

Everyone is unique in their way and their actions are also correct for them. But there are some rules and regulations to live a happy and independent life, and if someone does not follow them, they will be punished or become sad.

You have the control of your mind, and you can only make efforts to make it better. You can’t change other’s feelings rather you should make yourself understand the importance of change and move forward in life.


Love is the ultimate joy of life. Keep love in your heart and it works like lubricants in your world of illusions. If you love yourself, you should be so caring for yourself, and if anyone hurt you, you will not tolerate that; you can forgive them, but surely you will not forget that. And you will keep distant from such people. self-respect is something that encourages you to do what is favorable for you and can bring happiness and respect to you.

You deserve better

When we achieve our goal, we feel every obstacles in our life have come for a reason, and it has made us better. Now you realize that if that would don’t happen at that time, you will not achieved this. So do don’t feel sad and regret when you fail or someone criticizes you, because what you feel like poison, will bring nectar for you.


Wrath is a burning emotion that may bring undesirable results to us. If you will not control your anger you will be suffering from its effects in the future. Decisions are taken in anger always bring miseries in life. You may lost many relationships due to your anger. This feeling gives us a lifetime misery.

Learn from it

Learn and grow is the golden rule of life. You make mistakes and improve it and achieve your goal next time. People will criticize you for your mistakes and efforts; don’t think about that. You should only focus on improving yourself.

forgive but don't forget quote

Make your mind free by forgiving others, to enhance your productivity. Read more and more books so that your mind becomes cleanse and it will take you to the highest level of success. If you do not improve your mistakes, you will be illusioned in a net at the same place and will not reach your goal in life.

Not a naïve

The world is growing very fast and so the people. But some people are taking shortcuts to win this race. They use people for their benefits and then just leave them. And if you have fallen prey to them, for being naïve, just improve yourself. Make yourself strong enough that no one can ill-treat you. Because such feelings not only just hurt us for longtime, but they become a lifetime curse for you.

Don’t become a slave

You are not a slave of anyone, you are the king of your world, you make decisions that you feel right. No one can impose their decision on you. Become strict so that you can refuse other’s decisions in daily life easily. An independent life is the most beautiful life. Make your mind free to explore new experiences in life. Never allow anyone to impose their thoughts or opinion on you.

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