When did you realize small things matter in life ?

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Today we are going to discuss about the importance of small things and also it’s the little things in life that mean the most.

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.”

Have you ever observe the reasons for happiness in our daily life? what habits or things bring changes in our life ? is everything transforms due to big changes or small things really matter? Let’s discuss this in details…

We always work hard to live a comfortable life.We got one thing we run after the other and this repeats more and more. We forget to live life. We are only busy in gathering stuff to make a comfortable living.

The race of human beings starts with very small. The growing process is very slow but the efforts of every endeavor count equally.  As a newborn baby does not know anything. He learns from his parents and surroundings about the world.

From childhood, we grew up to adolescence. We had seen changes in our body habits and physique. And still, we are doing hard to bring good changes for us.

Change is the rule of life. without change life is dead. The one who is not working to change is not on a progressive path. He will gain nothing in life.

He will be always suffering from his life. He degrades himself by not growing in life. He starts indulging in the process of deception in life.

we often ignore most of the opportunities that bring happiness in our life. we always feel the urge for big achievements to feel happy.

Change brings happiness to our life. it may feel like poison at the starting but it will be nectar at the end. And that which feels like nectar at the starting may be poisonous at the end such as sense gratification. Sense gratification is full of pleasure at the starting but in the end, it becomes the reason for our miseries.

If we change for good we feel good and happy otherwise we will be sad. When we knew the importance of small things and feel happy about that, we will be always happy. Because to live a happy life, you have to celebrate the small achievements.

This is not possible always. We should learn to feel happy even with little goods and resources. Life is full of miseries and sorrows and also, on the other hand, there is a great reservoir of happiness. All we have to decide is what we need to bring into our lives. It is in our hands to bring happiness or sorrow in our life.

Why are the little things in life important ?

Our mind is always flickering and is not stable anytime. Our sense organs always run towards the sense objects, that provides us happiness and pleasure for a while.

But gratifying our senses and doing what our mind says leads us nowhere in life or else to vain.

Appreciating the little things in life | Rose Chachko | Sahilsharmablogs | TEDxYouth@ReddamHouse

Happiness neither lies in satisfying nor senses nor in any materialistic achievements. It is a state of mind, which comes from peace and contentment.

Life gives equal opportunities of joy and sorrow to everyone. Some are clever to acquire it and others are lazy to stay in their comfort zone.to achieve a big goal start with the smallest step.

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Every big goal is the addition of small efforts. You can’t achieve the goal at one. Also, you’re not capable enough to accept that big goal at once. All the small steps help making you capable of achieving that big dream.

If you take shortcuts to reach there, you will not be completely acquired that goal or maybe not a penny of that. Life is not an instant give and take process. It is gradual, full of experiences, learning, wisdom, etc. which leads to a happy and prosperous life. every single step even the smallest impacts the process drastically.

For example – if you want to quit smoking. You cannot do it in a day. Rather you start by minimizing it.. it takes time and patience. Your every endeavor to quit smoking will definitely bring results to you.

Why is it important to appreciate the little things in life ?

The bigger goals require big hard work, pain, and struggle. It is a long process to achieve that. And in that process, we often get depressed and feel sad for ourselves. What can we do about this?

The answer is, dividing your goals into smaller parts. This may be a little confusing but, it is a more productive way to get to your goals easies. When we work for the smaller goals we need less hard work and we get to that easier. And we may not feel overwhelmed in this process rather our confidence increases more as we achieve more and more goals. Later we will easily achieve our main goal.

Procrastination is not a good habit. But to quit bad habits, procrastination is good. The more you procrastinate the negative things, the faster will be the process to quit it. There are many real-life examples to show the importance of small changes in our life.

Small things are more valuable than your achievements nowadays. For example. When you go for an interview, they, first of all, look at your confidence, dressing sense, communication skill, and then he comes to your degrees or qualification.

small things matter quote

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Ph.D. holder or any, he will only select you if you have the all necessary soft skills to work with people.

When often realize the importance of small things when we went through that process and we fail there. Then we strongly regret that small thing which can be done, but due to our irresponsibility or laziness we don’t do that.

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Life is the process of learning forever, if you stop learning you stop your living. You will be never late to learn new things. You must have heard this:

“To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine”

And at that position, we have no chance to come back and correct our mistakes. Bigger things are easy to remember we forget the small things that in the future its a bigger impact come to us.

Everyone has some experience like this, who might have failed at something due to some small mistakes which we have ignored knowingly, and now you are suffering its negative impacts. People want to do big things in life, but they don’t know the process.

Every great mission, business, the company can only be successful If they take care of every small aspect. The growth of any country can be possible if the citizen of the country take responsibility to support their government in it’s the right decision.

Because if each individual gives its support in making f country then the growth will be faster. Start enjoying the small achievements, the struggle, and always practice gratitude. If you don’t learn these qualities, life will hit you hard and you will not overcome that.

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