15+ Weired Tips On How To Overcome Jealousy And Possessiveness

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Today we are going to discuss about most effective tips on how to overcome the feeling of jealousy and possessiveness in today’s fast-growing world.

“The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”
― Bette Midler

What do you mean by jealousy and possessiveness? how to stop being jealous and possessive in a relationship? How these two negative habits affect our life and relationships? Let’s discuss…

Jealousy and possessiveness are the two negative virtues of human beings. There are many negative impacts that can affect your lives.

The key to eternal bliss is to live for yourself without expecting anything from others, love yourself. When we look for happiness from any external sources, there comes a lot of miseries along with that happiness.

Jealousy generally associates with the thoughts of insecurity, fear, anger, helplessness and due to lack of possessions and safety. Jealousy is the usual experience of human relationships. People don’t express jealousy through a single emotion or a single behavior rather they show it through diverse emotions and behaviors.

Possessiveness refers to strict ownership over something. It associates with feelings of selfishness, greediness and fear of losing something. Possessiveness leads to a dissatisfied life.

People can feel jealousy for different aspects of life such as in their personal life, in professional life, in relationships, for achievements, etc. The feeling of jealousy does not affect the one by whom we are jealous of, it only degrades and imbalances our mind.

Loving yourself and finding true happiness from within us should be our prime necessities of life. the external happiness or pleasure generally associates with some negative traits like envy, jealousy, dissatisfaction and possessiveness. These feelings make our life full of anxiety.

The feeling of jealousy and possessiveness generally associates with dissatisfaction and greed. They make us distress even in a happy situation. Jealous comes when we compare ourselves with someone who might be better than us in something.

Jealous makes us forget our own achievements and resources and we start longing for what others have present. That thing may or may not be good for us at that time, for this reason, that is not present at us. Or maybe we are not capable for those things. Generally jealous feel when we compare our materialistic comfort or achievements with others. Jealous is a devil’s quality so it associates with materialistic illusions.

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Likely, possessiveness develops in our minds when we overreact to owning something. The feeling of ownership for something is good, but possessiveness for that causes a nuisance for others and also for you. You’ll always feel disturbed about that thing and you’ll try to protect or keep that away from the surrounding world.

It looks good to you because you’ll feel that you’re protecting that from the people, you feel like this because you’re internally selfish. It ruins your relationships with people. We generally feel being possessive about any worldly thing or for someone whom we love the most.

Possessiveness for both is not good at all. It arises insecurities between you and your partner. But while we feel possessive for the one whom we love make them disturbed. Because they will feel that you’re restricting them from the world.

Your relationship with them will also get affected. Your feeling for being possessive for someone may be pure, but it is negatively identified by the people because it puts restrictions on others. So it is not a good thing for yourself.

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These are the two negative traits of human personality that majorly affect your life. so today we are going to discuss some practical and most effective ways to overcome the feeling of jealousy and possessiveness. These tips help you overcome both jealousy and possessiveness. Let’s discuss this in detail…

Most effective tips on how to overcome jealousy and possessiveness


Any negative thought or trait comes to mind when we lack focus in our personal or professional work. Mindfulness helps keep our mind relax, positively active and stress-free. And when our mind is relaxed and peaceful we don’t get in trouble thinking about someone’s life and feel jealous and possessive.

Be confident

When you feel confident in yourself you’ll never get annoyed by jealousy and possessiveness. Because whether you’ve lesser or you are lower than someone, but confidence will make you feel that you’re not going to stop here. You should confident that you’ll be successful not immediately but definitely. You have a lot to achieve and you’ve to lead a progressive life ahead.

Keep distance from negative people

There are a lot of negative people in society, stay away from them. If they’ve the negative traits of jealousy. they will make you also like them because they can’t bear your happiness. And your peaceful life annoys them.

Sometimes people compare you with someone, just to gossips, who is at a better position than us to make you envious and sad. People only know to compare the results, they don’t compare your struggle. So keep calm and stay peaceful and learn to enjoy whatever you have on the progression to success.

Control your mind and senses

The art of living happy and prosperous life comes with the control of the mind and senses. Controlling the mind and senses is so difficult in today’s era, but it is not impossible at all. any negative thought comes when our mind is not engaged in something. Always practice controlling your mind with full determination and consistency.

Make good hobby

Hobbies are the best way to keep your mind engaged and also it is an enjoying and pleasing process. Make a good hobby for your self-growth. This is the best way to of healing your mind from negative things.

Start reading books

Books are the best guide for our life. Books provide us the answer to most of our problems related to our surroundings. But due to the impact of negative people, we wander here and there and remain confused in life. Start reading good books and there is no need to go to such negative people to get the solution. Books will clear your mind from all negative thoughts and provides a stable and peaceful mind.

Know your potential know your faults

People often get jealous and they feel sad for worthless reasons. Know your true potential and it will make you confident in your life. Why to feel jealous of someone’s achievements, learn to celebrate their happiness and also help them when they face problems in life. A true person never envies with such feelings. He always fro higher elevation in life.

Feel contented

The worldly things are full of lust, which makes humans greedy to run behind them. And get trapped by the illusion of lust. The hunger for lust is never going to be satisfied. Lusty things are the major reason for jealousy and possessiveness. We get possessive for temporary things and stuck with them. Practice contentment, which leads to a simple and prosperous life.

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Be courageous

People always feel bad when they lost their courage to do anything. They lose their confidence and feel depressed in life. Courage is the fuel of the human mind. Without courage, life is like a punctured tyre, which will let you nowhere.

Start writing

Writing is a simple way to talk to yourself. It is a healing process for our minds. Writing is the way to help you grab something in mind and also to remove any negative thing from your mind. Make writing a habit of your daily life. it significantly changes our thought process.


Meditation is the most effective way to control our minds and thoughts. Meditation helps to magnify your positivity and it diminishes the negativity. The solution to stress, despair, envy, jealousy possessiveness and other mental states is meditation.

Exercise daily

You may have heard this

“ A sound mind develops in a sound body”

Do exercise daily for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise makes our body and mind active. Daily exercise makes you confident for yourself, it helps in your personality transformation.

Take a break

Spend time with your family and friends. Go to your favorite place. Take a break from your professional work. Go for a walk with your partner. This makes our mind refresh and full it with energy. It helps restart your mind with fresh thoughts and ideas.

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Respect people

It is strange to add this point here but it helps to not being jealous and possessive of someone. If you respect them you can’t be jealous of him/her. The feeling of respect makes you learn from him/her.

The possessiveness of your partner may cause you to act in a way that is disrespectful to your partner, you and others. Build a strong relationship with your partner by giving them the respect they deserve.

Be honest

There is no one who knows you better than yourself. You are the master of your strength and weaknesses. You should find within yourself the reason, why you feel jealous and work to overcome it. Different people have different reasons for this negative feeling.

Don’t compare yourself

Comparison is the main cause of jealousy. Everyone in this world is unique in their own way. Everyone is perfect, the way they are.

“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 15. Follow your own path, write your own life story, and never give up on yourself”

The reason for despair while comparing with others is that we don’t know our potential and cry worthlessly rathe we have to work on our strength to reach our most productive state.

Keep patience

Change is the rule of nature. Don’t get envious of any negative thing in life. Time is the best treatment of every wound. Keep patience and believe in your hard work. You will definitely achieve your success. The way we think and the way get is completely different.

Stay calm and positive

Never allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. Keep your surroundings positive. If you sometimes feel negative about life, immediately overcome that feeling with a positive feeling. The more you practice this the more positive you become.


In our society people of different cultures, religions, living styles live together. If you want to live life happily learn to accommodate with people rather than feel jealous of them. The more you become positive and prosperous your life becomes.

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